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How to Start Your Personal Development Journey

personal development

There are two things you need to start your personal development journey.


They are: start something NEW and stop something OLD


Sometimes we have to give up something we want in the short term to get what we really want in the long term.



When we do this, there is an exchange that happens.



I believe there are no free rides in life, and whatever you want, you can earn.



Or rather, YOU CAN CREATE.



So it’s not a matter of if you deserve it or not. (Nobody deserves anything—good or bad. If you deserve the best thing, you also deserve the worst thing because we are all equal.)



If you don’t have to deserve what you want, it becomes a matter of deciding if you want to create it or not.



The word ‘decide’ actually means to cut off.


  • When you decide you’re going to lose weight, you cut off eating habits that don’t serve you.

  • When you decide to have money, you cut off extra spending.

  • When you decide to have a better relationship, you cut off your old story of the past.



But when there’s a million things you want to work on and improve, how do you decide which one to focus on?



It’s actually super simple.



All you have to do is answer the three questions below, and chances are, what you answer for one will apply to them all.



Then, your answer becomes the thing you DECIDE to focus on.



Here are the questions:

  1. My life would be better if I _________.

  2. I would feel better if I _________.

  3. My relationships would be better if I ________.



When you decide to focus on this thing, an exchange will happen in your life.



You will give something up (cut something off) and start something new, and in return you will HAVE a better life, you will FEEL better, and your RELATIONSHIPS will be better.



And here’s the beautiful thing. You already know what you have to give up.



You already know what you need to cut off.



(If you don’t, just ask yourself.)



AND, you probably already know what you need to start.



So the REAL question is, are you willing to give that thing up and start the new thing in order to have what you most want?



I get it. This is hard to do.



Especially if, for so long you’ve put your needs last.



If your brain is so preoccupied you feel like you can’t focus on your life, it’s going to feel hard to exchange your current way of being for something new.



Your brain will tell you that you don’t deserve it or that it will take too long to earn it, and maybe you don’t have what it takes.



But these are lies. They come from the outdated program in your brain that you can interrupt and say, enough is enough.



There is no rush. Change doesn’t have to happen in a day.



In fact, the joy is in the journey.



The very first teeny, tiny baby step is to just THINK about the possibility of what your life could be like if you did decide to cut off the old and create the new.



What would it be like to do the work?

What would it be like to be on the other side, with the skills?

What else might change because of this?



All of this is within your power.



You already have what it takes.



But you still have to decide to start.



Over the next four days, I'm going to help you start. In the following blog posts you will find a Gratitude Series.



I choose gratitude because it's something that we all say we need to do more of.



So, let us begin...




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