news flash: the reason you can’t keep up on housework has nothing to do with your small business (or your kids) 


All you want to do is work on your business but the whole time you’re working all you can think about is how you should be cleaning your house.

And then your work time is over and you’re supposed to be with your kids but they’re driving you crazy because all you can think about is the work you didn’t get done.

Your house is a mess, you’re behind on your business, and your kids are driving you crazy.

If this sounds like you, I have a solution. Would you like to always have a clean house, move forward on your business, and love being a mom by understanding why your life feels so hard and getting to the cause of your overwhelm?

If you want to learn more about this, let’s have a conversation. We’ll jump on the phone for 45 minutes and I’ll help you through some of your blocks when it comes to why you feel overwhelmed.

We’ll figure out what’s going on:

  • why you’re doing what you’re doing

  • why you’re not doing what you want to be doing

  • how to do more of what you want to do

I’m going to give you some tips right there on the phone and then I’m going to tell you about what it would be like to work with me long term.

After our call you will know exactly what you need to do to have a clean house, move forward on your business, and love being a mom. You’re going to have a new awareness and every time you find yourself not doing what you said you would do, you’re going to start knowing why.

I do this work and if this is important to you and you value it, we should have a conversation. Click the button to chat with Mar and fill out the form and pick a time for your free consult call. On the day of your call I will call you at the time you selected.

You might be thinking you don’t have time to get on the phone for an hour, and I want you to know that the tips I give you on the phone will also help you with time.

Maybe you’re not comfortable talking with someone, and that’s why I do this over the phone. You can be in your house and I don’t have to see you, we’re not on video.

Maybe you’re not exactly sure what we will talk about. First you will tell me what’s going on in your life that’s making you feel like you can’t get it all done and then I’m going to show you how you’re brain is creating that for you and how you can change it.

Maybe you think you already know this. But here’s the thing: If your life isn’t organized, you’re not applying what you know. I can help you get over your own excuses so you can make your life a reflection of how you want it to be.

Click the button and schedule a call. I can’t wait to talk to you.

Your amazing life is waiting for you.
Are you ready to start living it?