Your Personal Style


Okay. This is going to be a super fun post. Today we are going to talk about your personal style. If you don’t have a personal style, set a goal for yourself and spend some time this week figuring it out. Today I will share some tips and pointers that I have found to be really helpful in defining your personal style.

The first thing I want to mention is Carol Tuttle. In case you’re not familiar with her work I will tell you briefly about what she does.

Carol does energy profiling. She uses the four energy types of the earth (nitrogen/air, oxygen/water, hydrogen/fire, and carbon/earth) and matches the movement of those types to the movement of your personal energy.

This is not based on your personality because personality is learned. This is energy. This is the movement you were born with. We are made up of all four energy’s, but we lead with one.

I am a Type 4, the bold, still energy.

You can briefly read about the four types here.

The reason it’s good to know what your energy type is is because if you can dress in a way that supports your energy, you will feel better. You will know what looks good on you and what you feel good in.

Once you know that, shopping becomes a LOT easier.

If you aren’t sure what type you are don’t feel like you need to figure it out. I think it’s better to just start showing up authentically as you. It will be revealed to you. It can’t not happen. Trust me on this.

If you are a client of mine, this is something we really dive into on our time together. It is so fun and sometimes shocking and disbelieving, but in the end it feels so good, so right. Solid. How would that feel if you felt solid being you?

You would be able to know within 5 seconds if you should try something on or not. You wouldn’t be wondering what other people thought of your outfit. Besides, who is showing up? Your clothes or you?

Okay. So the next thing I want to talk about is defining your Style Statement. When I first heard about creating a style statement for yourself I immediately went out and bought the book. The book is called Style Statement by Carrie McCarthy and Daniele LaPorte.

The idea is that you pick two words to define your style based on your personality. They say that 80% of the time you are a certain dominant style and 20% of the time you are a little bit different.

I had a super hard time coming up with my style statement. I listed all the adjectives that really resonated with me. Practical, comfortable, authoritative, simple. Serious luxury. Feminine. Sophisticated. Timeless. Alive. 

I have always had a part of me that loves to be dressed business-like. Very tailored and professional.

But another part of me needs to be comfortable. I love sitting with one leg up or criss-cross style. 

So I was trying to mix these together and come up with something that was ME. So I thought, if I could only wear one outfit for the rest of my life, what would I wear?

I wanted to be dressy, elevated. But then I also wanted to be sporty and comfortable.

And then I was like, Oh yeah! 80-20.

But here’s the thing. And this is something you want to remember anytime you read a self-help book.

I didn’t necessarily want to mesh my 80-20 into one outfit. I have seen a few designers do this and I’m really drawn to it, but I decided to do things a bit different.

I decided that 80% of the time I would be more dressy + business like. Regal. Serious. Sophisticated. Timeless. Feminine.

And then 20% of the time I would be more casual + sporty.

It felt more applicable to me.

What’s funny is that after a time my styles actually merged themselves. I’m not super dressy, and when I’m sporty I’m a little more dressed up.

I joined Shira Gill’s Closet Makeover program and she taught me the idea of a Style Silhouette.

The idea of a Style Silhouette is similar to a Style Statement but you describe the shape of the outfit instead.

I didn’t even have to think. Immediately I knew it was loose tops and fitted bottoms.

So! If you struggle with coming up with the Style Statement like I did, try creating a Style Silhouette.

The reason it’s so good to have your own style is to simplify your life.

When you go shopping and you find something you like, hold it up and see if it fits your style. 

It’s okay to like things and not buy them. Seriously. Learn to like them on other people.

And stop buying things just because they are on clearance!

Only buy them if you can give them 5 loves and you will start to have an amazing wardrobe. 

Imagine what it will feel like to always know what you are going to wear and that it’s always a favorite outfit.

One last thing.

When you do go shopping, make sure you wear something you love. And then whatever you try on, you have to like it more than the outfit you came in. 

Make sure you love it, or don’t buy it.

Okay. I can’t wait for you to have an amazing closet.