Your Passion Project


Over the past couple weeks we have talked about how important it is for you to have something creative to spend your time on. When I work with clients on this, a lot of time they will have something they are already passionate about, and so they know what they want to do.

But what if you don’t have a passion project? And where does passion come from? We hear all the time, ‘Do what you love!’ And we end up searching for the thing that will fill us with passion.

Remember, that’s not how it works. We can’t do the action and hope for the feeling to come. We have to first have the feeling to drive the action.

To feel passionate, you have to think thoughts that generate that feeling for you. These are going to be different for everyone. I am very passionate about helping moms take responsibility for their life.

I can get up early for you. I can stay up late for you. I can let my house get messy and I love spending time talking about how amazing the future is and what you can do right now to get there. I love it. It energizes me.

It energizes me because of what I’m thinking about it. Self care isn’t energizing to everyone. Sewing isn’t energizing to everyone. Knitting isn’t energizing to everyone. But they are to some people because of what they think about them.

So your passion project becomes a choice. This can be a huge let down for you if you were hoping to ‘find your passion’. I know because that was me for a time.

I was always jealous of people who knew exactly what they wanted to go to school for. I think I was afraid of making the wrong choice or afraid I wouldn’t like what I went for. But what if there is no wrong choice? What if you just picked something to be passionate about, and you figured out how to think the thoughts that filled you with passion.

The worst that would happen is that it wouldn’t work. You wouldn’t feel passionate. But instead of telling yourself you have to find what you’re passionate about, just take this as information. Oh, that’s not it. That’s actually not that fun for me. I’m going to try this.

There is no right or wrong here. There is just you and your feelings. The point is that you are the one who gets to decide what you spend your time on and you get to decide how you want to feel about it.

So I want to leave you with three tips today.


The first tip is to stop looking outside of yourself for your passion. What you are doing doesn’t matter. Passion isn’t something you go find. It’s internal, and you create it.


The second tip is to start paying attention to the things you spend your time on when the time seems to fly by. But be super honest with yourself. It’s one thing to have the time go by fast when you’re baking because you truly love it and your thoughts feel more subconscious.

It’s another to have time go by fast because you are buffering with a book and avoiding what you should be doing. 

But, maybe you do love to read. So look into that. Maybe you could start freelancing and be an editor or a copy writer.

Just be honest with yourself and open up to possibilities of how you can spend your time AND enjoy it.


The last tip is to make it a priority. As moms we often put our fun time last. We have to clean up first. We have to do this and do that and take care of this and then this happens and it’s too easy to indulge in the overwhelm.

But here’s the thing. When you don’t direct your brain, it has nothing to focus on.

As soon as you direct it, as soon as you tell yourself you’re going to get everything done before lunch so you can do your passion project during nap time, that is when you make progress.

You made you a priority. You told your brain what needs to happen to make it happen. Then you do it.

you got this

And that my friend, is what will help you generate that passion. It is 100% in your control. 

Leave a comment and tell me what your passion project is.