What's Working For You


Did you know that by asking one simple question you have the ability to shift your mood to abundance? Ask yourself, "What's working?" It will allow you to change your perception and feel better when you want to.

If you're feeling overwhelmed with all your duties, take a breath. Slow down by asking what's working. Maybe the kids went to school on time. Maybe the shirt that you wanted to wear was clean. Maybe the traffic was flowing. When you are feeling down, shift your mood by asking what's working.

There are times when I feel frustrated with the kids. Everyone is so loud. They leave stuff everywhere. I get tired of cleaning up. But when I pause and ask what's working, I can put aside my own frustrations and be thankful for what I have. True gratitude always makes one feel better. If you want to feel better, look for what's working.

Sometimes we don't want to feel better. I think it's normal to feel good only half of the time. I think the normal human experience is like that. Yes, you can choose to be happy whenever we want, but a healthy balance involves all the emotions. I want you to use 'what's working' for those times when you feel down or overwhelmed for reasons like self pity. That's when it's good to shift your mood.

It's a simple question that can make a world of a difference. What's working? Shift your perception, change your mood, and feel better. Because feeling better makes being a mom so much easier. Feeling better makes being responsible easier. What's working for you?