How to Figure Out What the Problem Really Is


When you're not feeling your happy normal self but you can't really figure out what it is you need, there is a process to get there. I always say how important clarity is. If you know what the problem is, you can fix it. But you have to know what the problem is.

thought download

The first step is to do a thought download. This is where you ask yourself what's the matter and you write non-stop for about ten minutes. It's like dumping out the contents of your brain onto your paper.

It' the same process you go through when you clean your purse. Sometimes you find things in there that you had no idea were in there. Sometimes you wonder where they came from. It always feels good to do a thorough clean-out.

Ask yourself what you are afraid of, what are you scared of. What do you wish was different or what are you struggling with, what's not working for you. Get it all out.

categorize your problem

Once you do your thought download you can see your problem from a different perspective. Sometimes we don't even realize the thoughts we are thinking until we see them on paper. Pick a thought or a feeling or an action or in-action, and categorize it in The Life Coach School's Model.

This will help you let go of the drama and take a good look at the facts. You can see your problem as neutral. If you don't see it as neutral, keep searching for a better feeling thought.

solve your problem

When you do the model it's so easy to see how to fix the problem. The concept is super simple. Putting your model into practice is another thing. It takes courage, discipline, and dedication to do the work.

Before you even get to your better feeling thought, you have to understand why you have been thinking what you're thinking. You have to have compassion for yourself. And then you can decide how you want to feel, and go forward.

this really works

I promise you, this really works. If you are struggling with a problem or if you feel stuck or confused, try this out. It's amazing. The only thing holding you back is your mind. You are the one in control of your mind. Solve your problem and keep moving forward.