Welcome to Coffee with Mar


Before there was This Buffalo Life, I had Coffee with Mar. This is the very first post I wrote.

Welcome to Coffee with Mar. Well, here I am. New to this world of blogging, wondering if I will yet find my feet and take off. This is scary, writing for the world to see. My notebook is so personal; not even I read it. Here you will find both the happenings and the not-happenings of my life. The happenings being more social and hands-on, and the not-happenings are all those essays and started stories running around in my head. You will come to know me as only my pen does, as my thoughts transpire from flitting shrugs, scowls and sighs, to words on paper. Words to remember, words to tell. Because these are the days of our lives and I want to remember each and every one of them. If you choose, I welcome you to come. Let us have some coffee, and I will tell you a story from my life.

Sometimes I read an article and I wish that I'd had the writer's experience; that I was the one writing the words they saw. I'm trying to write, sitting in a bedroom but only it's not really a bedroom because there is no bed. I have my writing table against a wall. There are windows on my left, black with the night. My lighting is poor and already I'm wondering about purchasing a nice task light to add to my table. The table itself is white, and upon it I have my daily planner (red), my MacBook Pro (black screen sleeping), a Hershey bar (almost black), a cup of coffee (red and black, respectively), and my journal (becoming more black than white). It is late and the house is silent but for the scratch of my pen, the turn of a page in a story from my 8 year old reading in bed (he really should have his light out by now), and a random thing or two from my husband on his computer in the living room. As I sit here I have this sense of waking, an unfolding of wings. I see myself standing alone on a sidewalk so long that I can see the curvature of the earth. There is white light all around shining brightly upon, not grass, but words. Words surround me. And I can't wait to put them together in stories of hope and laughter and love and all that is in my life these days. I'm excited for this opportunity I have to be the writer, to share my experiences. Perhaps one day someone will read this and want to live it too.