Understanding Life Categories


In some of my workbooks I mention the life categories. Today I want to go into detail about what the life categories are, why they are important, and what you can do with them. The goal is for you to learn how to live presently in each area.

Understanding your life categories is a great way to become more aware of how you are living, especially if you are looking for balance. I recommend buying yourself a folder and a notebook to keep your notes together.

If you really want to better your life, you need to take yourself seriously. Keeping everything together and easily accessible will help you stay focused and make progress.

Let's get started with the life categories.

The 7 Life Categories

  1. health
  2. spirit
  3. work
  4. money
  5. spouse
  6. family
  7. friends

These 7 life areas are principles of life. To live a balanced life, each area must be visited. That doesn't mean that each area must be at a level 10 at all times. Life has a natural ebb and flow to it. Just be aware, and put your focus in areas that feel lacking.

For each life area you have to ask yourself what they mean to you. We are all individual and so each one of us will have a different idea of what the area should look like.

Why they are important

It is important to be aware of the 7 life areas because when one area is lacking or missing you can feel stuck, lost, apathetic, or even depressed. It's important to pay attention to each area because in doing so you will come to know yourself intimately.

You will understand your values because they will show up again and again in your wants. You will have clarity and know exactly what you want in life. You will have a direction to go and a place to rest. You will be able to stop reacting to life as it happens to you. You will begin designing your life.

What to do with the 7 life areas

I created worksheets to help you define each area. Filling in the worksheets will help you get clear on what you want your life to be like. Take your time and fill in each worksheet. There are three basic steps:

  1. Score yourself in each area based on how you feel.
  2. Fill in the worksheets to define what each area means to you.
  3. Set goals for the areas to get them to a level 10.

This is a short post, but that is because I want to give you time to work on your workbook. Give yourself time to fill it in. You are in charge of your life. How are you going to design it?

You can find your Life Category Workbook in the free Resource Library