Making Time for Thought Work


I would argue that you can’t afford to not make time to do thought work. We’ve talked about how your thoughts are a direct representation of the results you have in your life. Why would you not pay attention to what you’re thinking?

Anytime you want to make a change, you need to start with your thoughts. You need to look at what you’re current beliefs are. What are you thinking every day that is such a belief that it feels true?

There are three reasons why I think it’s important to do thought work.


The first reason is because you create the results in your life from whatever you are thinking and believing. Remember, your thoughts create your feelings, your feelings drive your actions, and your actions produce your results. Therefore, your thoughts create your results.


The second reason to make time for thought work is to be an example to others.

I think this is important. People are watching you. Your children are watching you. Whether you realize it or not, people are watching you and paying attention. You might feel like it doesn’t matter or that you don’t have anything to offer so why does it matter if anyone is watching.

It matters because this is where your self-confidence comes in. It matters not because of them but because of you. It matters not because of what anyone else thinks of you, but what you think about them thinking about you.

The reason why we do anything is because of how we think we will feel. How do you want to feel when people think about you? How do you want to feel about yourself? It is so important to do this kind of thought work. It will change your life.


The third reason to do thought work is a combination of your results and being an example. It is to have a better experience on earth. If you do thought work to create better results for yourself and you grow your self-confidence, you will create a better experience for yourself while you are here. There is no doubt about that.

My son and I were talking about getting old. My grandma recently turned 90 and I was telling him that if I lived to be 90 I would still have almost 53 years to live. He was like, ‘Wow, I hope I don’t live to be that old.’ 

I’m like really?! My life is just getting started! He said that 70 sounded about right. So I said, Okay, imagine being grandpa and having about 5 more years to live. Pause… 

He said, ‘Wait a minute. That’s not old enough!’ And then I told him that’s exactly why we don’t get to choose our age. That we could die tonight. We don’t know.

And that is exactly why it’s important to think about your thoughts. If today was the last day you got to experience on this earth, how would you want to spend feeling it? What would you want your experience to be like?

It’s worth thinking about.


Okay. So, if you want to think about your thoughts, here are three tips to help you.

  1. You have to make it non-negotiable. 

  2. You have to make it habitual.

  3. Don’t expect to get to a finish point.

You have to make it non-negotiable. You have to decide that you are in charge of your thoughts and that they are optional and that you are going to pay attention to them.

Then you need to establish a habit. At the same time every day you need to sit down and write out your thoughts. It’s important to write because this give you the opportunity to be the watcher, to separate yourself from your thoughts, to have a different perspective.

And the last thing is to know that you don’t ever arrive at the finish line. You don’t ever get to the place of knowing it all. In fact, if you find yourself thinking that you don’t need to do a thought download because you are so aware of what you are thinking, I disagree.

This is a practice, and it’s best done daily. You have to dig and dig and uncover what’s really going on. Sure, you might be aware of your thought that you never get to do what you want, but until you uncover WHY you are thinking that thought, it’s not going to go away.

You have to uncover and dismantle your belief of the thoughts that aren’t serving you and you have to tell yourself what you want to believe. Every day.

Thought work is sooo important.

Do this work. Honor yourself and create the habit. It doesn’t have to take a long time. 10 minutes. You will be so glad you did it.