The Best Days of Your Life

I'm adjusting to a new routine with all my kids at home this summer and I'm realizing that what worked for me before is not working now. I had a great system going with time for me to write without taking away time from my kids. Now they are home and I remember what it's like to be needed all. the. time. Until I am set (and find) a new routine that works, I am pulling old posts out of my archives. This is one from Monica last spring. I enjoyed it, and maybe you will too, again. I love her writing style. Also, there is a link at the end for her latest birth story. Enjoy!



I feel like today I can finally understand the comment made by older mothers that

These are the best days of your life”

I am sitting on the front porch with my cup of coffee and the birds are chirping and chee-rupping everywhere around me. When I first came out here the twins followed me, both of them with eager happy faces. I’m eating my breakfast (a bowl of plain yogurt and homemade granola) to a barrage of: “MOM!” and then a bunch of gibberish would follow, “jibba gibba chong theeen!” I have no clue what they are saying but maybe it has to do with this glorious day.

It’s the first time this spring that I can eat out on the front porch and soak up warm sunshine in the cool spring air.  My coffee sends up a beckoning plume, reminding me to take a sip. The sun is golden on my skin and it’s one of those perfect mornings. Claire has a handful of Clue game pieces clutched in one palm and they are something precious to her. I’ve already asked if I can have them and she’s not at all inclined to give them up yet. MaryAnn must have left her game opened in her bedroom and I can’t help that part of me that wants the pieces back in the game. But all of that is in the background of this day. I really don’t feel too concerned. I’m too busy listening and watching the birds and soaking up the sun, and watching my kids going up and down the porch. Emma is wearing MaryAnn’s ballet flats (11 years too big) and Jane and Abram are making bagels in the kitchen to take out here. I spread cream cheese on Abram’s bagel  when he brings it out. Claire is doing some funny side shuffle, still clutching those game pieces. It’s so funny.

Before I can get sick of the sun shining in my face it has risen over the top of the porch roof. Now my head is shaded and I’m still soaking it up on my legs. I told you this was a perfect morning! When I’m done eating I pop up. Jane and Abram did a fairly good job on cleaning up their mess. I put away the cream cheese and change Emma who suddenly stinks. Then I’m back outside and all of a sudden it feels quiet and gentle. It’s not, actually; the birds are a little quieter and Emma and Claire are playing further away. I can hear their baby stoller wheeling and the Cozy Coop wheeling and I feel secluded on the porch. Jane and Abram are with the twins and they do such a good job of taking care of them.  Ahh, bliss.

You know, I kinda feel like a mother hen with her brood of chicks pecking around about me and I could just ruffle my feathers with pleasure. Cuz now I understand.


Monica recently shared her birth story, Guts and Glory: The Birth of Jill and Diane, from her second set of twins on Pregnancy and Newborn. If you're interested in reading it, you can check it out here. She is amazing.