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Tell a Love Story on Purpose

Our lives are made up of stories. We are the ones who create our stories, so we are the ones who create our lives. Think about the story you are telling yourself about your love relationship. What is the theme of things? Is it supporting you? Do you feel like your relationship is amazing? Because here's the thing, you are the one who makes it amazing.

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Summer is upon us and it can be so easy to let the days be full and busy. It's important to keep our relationships alive and take time out of the busy-ness to connect with each other.  Here are some ideas to get you through the summer dates. You can use this as a checklist and do one each week, or pick a few and do them a couple times over. When you love someone, it doesn't matter what you do. Just be together and have fun. If you can commit to loving one another, your dates will always be wonderful and you will both look forward to them every week.

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Why Your Spouse is More Important Than Your Kids

I have always held my husband to be more important than my kids. Actually, I might just have been selfish in this matter. The thing that comes to mind is how I refuse to have my kids sleep in my bed. It's one thing I have always drawn the line on. My bed is for me and my husband. Kids have their own beds. Because I have always been this way, it's never been a problem. So when I came across this idea that your husband is more important than your kids, I thought I had it all down. But do I really? What about the other areas of our family life? And, does it really matter? Shouldn't we all just love each other?

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