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7 Reasons to get Dressed Every Day

Years ago, I didn't get dressed every day. And I when I did, it certainly didn’t happen first thing in the morning. I had to have an appointment or I had to be leaving the house for something. I used to let my kids determine what time I would get up. When they would wake up, I would get up. This made life not very fun, but at the time I thought, that's just how life is. I was always super short on time. I always felt like a mess. And any time I had to leave the house it took FOREVER to get ready to go.

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Creating a Minimal Wardrobe

I’m getting ready to pack for a small family vacation sans husband, and I am remembering how I used to spend so much time standing in my closet on any morning, staring at my clothes and feeling like I had nothing to wear. I felt like nothing went with anything. Most of the clothes didn't fit right, so I didn’t feel like wearing them anyway. Most of them were bought because they were a good deal- they were on sale, or better yet, clearance!

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