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How to Let Go of the Drama So You Can Move Forward

Sometimes we have so much to do as a mom it's easy to instantly feel overwhelmed. Maybe we start complaining about how the house is so messy and the kids never help out and how the work is never ending and when we clean we never get to enjoy the clean house because as soon as we turn around the kids have messed it up already. On top of all this, we never get to really have fun.

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Self-confidence is something elusive. Just when I think I have plenty of it, one comment can pull me down. Then, I think I shouldn't have been so confident in the first place. Maybe I was too prideful. But the thing is, confidence is the proof of what makes us believe in ourselves. When we learn that we are good at somehting, we can begin to excell in that thing. I think this is a good thing, but it's also tricky.

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