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Why You Should Plan Your Food

This month we are moving to the topic of health and I want to start with food. The reason I want to start with food is because when I went gluten-free it was life changing for me. I had suffered from depression and different forms of anxiety and I didn’t really start feeling better until I changed what I was eating. I wondered why my doctor didn’t start with what I was eating.

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Why You Can't Stop or Start

This is an elementary look at Ghrelin, Leptin, and insulin. Why can't you stop or start? In a word, hormones. They make us over-do things. They make us not do things. About a month ago I watched a webinar by Brooke Castillo from The Life Coach School. She talked about her son (barely a teenager) who was struggling with weight. He was always hungry. They would go out to eat, and on the drive home he would be starving.

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