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I've been wanting to do this little project for way too long. I find that I keep putting projects off because I don't feel like having all the kids get involved, but then when I'm home alone, I always have something else that I want to be doing. Before I know it, the project is forgotten, or buried so far down the to-do list it's not a priority.

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Great coffee starts with high-quality beans and clean water. It's easy to make and it's been my drink of choice for *several* years now. I remember when I first started drinking coffee. It was flavored Gevallia. I got sucked in with the free coffee maker. I thought that coffee was SO GOOD.I wonder what I would think of it now, 17 years later.

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I always say that being creative solves so many problems. It's true. But, so many of you find it difficult to be creative. I want you to know that you are totally normal.

Every time you decide to start doing something that you don't usually do, your brain is going to tell you to stop. That you shouldn't do it. That it's not going to work.

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9 Things to do at Home During Break

Christmas break is here and that means the kids are home all day. One of my favorite things about the school year is how quiet the house is all day. When the kids are home I feel like I need something for them to do all day so they aren't bugging me. It's so easy to just let them go play the computer or the ds, but at the end of the day, that is not what kind of a mom I want to be.

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On Being Creative

I've started a Creative category on TBL. I did this for a couple reasons, but primarily because being creative solves so many problems. When I can immerse myself in a project, the time slips away. My mood brightens and I feel energetic + excited. Creativity gives me passion, and when I have passion in my life it is easier to fulfill my responsibilities as a wife + a mother.

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