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Why You Should Let Your Kids Suffer

What do you think of today's title? We need to let our kids suffer, you guys. I'll tell you why. Let me back up a bit and tell you about when I first came across this concept. I was listening to one of Brooke's podcasts and she was talking about how she wanted the best for her kids and how she was basically trying to control everything in their environment to be supportive of her kids.

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How to Experience the Holiday's without Anxiety

Today I want to do a quick overview of The Life Coach School's model because this one tool will help you stay sane so you can experience the holiday's without anxiety. That is an option, you know. Thanksgiving and Christmas can be super enjoyable. You don't have to feel stressed. You don't have to feel anxious. You can manage your mind and have the best holiday season ever.

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Why I Decided to Work with Moms Who Suffer From Anxiety

Anxiety is something I used to suffer from on a daily basis. I hated leaving the house. Every time I brought the kids somewhere I wouldn't be able to relax until we had been home for about four days and no one was sick. I was always worried about being sick. I used obscene amounts of cleaning products and antibacterial gels.

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