Summer is upon us and it can be so easy to let the days be full and busy. It's important to keep our relationships alive and take time out of the busy-ness to connect with each other.  Here are some ideas to get you through the summer dates. You can use this as a checklist and do one each week, or pick a few and do them a couple times over.

When you love someone, it doesn't matter what you do. Just be together and have fun. If you can commit to loving one another, your dates will always be wonderful and you will both look forward to them every week. 

1. have a picnic

You can pack a lunch from home or grab a meal from a favorite place. Bring a blanket and thermos of iced coffee or tea. Bring a book or a magazine and plan on staying for a while. Have a leisurely lunch and visit or just enjoy the quiet.

2. trail walking

Find a trail and pack some water and snacks and go for a walk. If you have bikes, you could go biking. You could combine this with a picnic for double the fun!

3. go canoeing

We haven't done this for years, but it is a great thing to do with just the two of you. If you don't have a canoe you can probably rent one.

4. go camping

Going camping without kids sounds so fun to me. If you live near the mountains you have to do this! I promise, camping is 10x better in the mountains.

5. outlet mall shopping

If you just like walking around together and you want to go somewhere and you're not into the outdoors, try hitting up the outlet mall. You don't even have to shop. Just walking around looking at things can be fun.

6. ice cream

Go out for ice cream or frozen yogurt. Instead of being too stuffed at the end of your meal to order desert, only go for the sweet stuff. 

7. go swimming

Swimming without kids also sounds super fun to me. No one to watch but your husband. Need I say more?

8. try a new restaurant

If you go out to eat, try a new restaurant. If there is the option to sit outside, do it. Add to the experience. If you are in a small town and there isn't a new restaurant, order something different from what you usually order.

9. go to a green house

I've got really black thumbs, but I love plants. I just happen to go through them quicker than most people. Go to a green house and find a cool plant to bring home. Or make a fairy garden together or a pot of succulents. 

10. go to the flea market

If you like garage sales, find a flea market near you and make the trip. There are so many vendors, and if it's just the two of you, you can splurge on the fried food (if you can stomach it!).

11. visit the farmers market

If you really enjoy fresh produce but you have no interest in gardening, go to the farmers market. Find something you've never tried before and bring it home. Cook a meal together.

12. play disc golf

Okay, so we need at least one date the hubby will be excited to go on. Disc golf can be a fun sport with just the two of you.

13. good coffee

Our normal go-to date is to get a coffee and sit and visit. It's my favorite, but sometimes it's nice to get out and do something without the kids. If you find the weeks go by without much visiting going on between the two of you, just get a coffee and start visiting. 

It is so important and vital to your relationship that you keep the communication open. We grow and evolve through our time together. Make sure you still know who you are and that you are showing up and being supportive of each other.

When you decide that you want to love your spouse no matter what and that you just want to be with them because you love them and you are committed to them, life is really amazing. 


All of these date ideas are meant just for you and your spouse to do alone. Yes, you can do them all with your family, but please do some as dates! You will be so glad you did.

Here's to the best summer ever!