Routines Every Mom Needs


There are a few routines that have made a huge difference in my life as a mom. Routines help save time and accomplish tasks quickly. We sit around thinking about cleaning the bathroom longer than it actually takes to clean the bathroom. We need routines to cut out all that needless brain chatter and wasted time that causes us to procrastinate.

Every mom needs routines to help her accomplish tasks in a timely manner because, hey, we want to have fun too! There are three main task routines I find essential, and daily routines, and of course, the self care routine.

task routines for moms

Laundry. If you have a routine for laundry, you will always stay caught up on it. My routine is somewhat flexible. I always do laundry on Monday, Wednesday, and then either Friday or Saturday. 

On those days, I don't have to think about doing it, I know it's going to happen. I do it first thing after breakfast and I make sure it’s folded and put away before the kids get home. It's as good as done.

Menus. When you have a family, you have to cook. If you have a menu, it is so much easier to get groceries and cook everyday because you have a plan. Every week I plan out a menu so I know what to buy when I go shopping and I know what to cook when it's dinner time. 

Cleaning. My routine for cleaning is simple and easy. If you want to remember it so you actually do it, you need to keep it simple. You need a system for cleaning every part of your home. When to wash sheets and when to clean bathrooms and everything in between.

Some cleaning needs to be done daily. Some cleaning needs to be done weekly or monthly. This is a routine that you need to go through your house and create to fit your needs. I know, it's going to take time to create your routine. But in the long run, it will save you time because you won't have to wonder what to do.

daily routines for moms

Daily. Obviously daily routines need to be done daily. But what I mean here is the days of the week. When you have all your tasks listed, which tasks would be best done on which day? What do you want to do on Monday? On Tuesday? And so on. 

Morning. While you have daily routines for each day of the week, it is also helpful to have a morning routine that is the same regardless of what day it is. You do your morning routine everyday. Again, keep it simple and beneficial. Wake up. Workout. Shower. Dress. Coffee. Read. Journal. Eat. 

Some routines are going to need habits to be established first. If you don't have a morning routine yet, start with one thing you want to do everyday, and when that is routine, add in another. 

Afternoon. Do the same with your afternoon. During the school year this is a huge one for me. I have to prepare myself to be present for my kids when they come home from school. Everyone is crabby if I skip this routine. What can you do in the afternoon to make the evening go smoothly?

Evening. When dinner is cleaned up and it's time to start getting ready for bed, it's good to have a routine to signal the end of the day. This is helpful for both kids and ourselves. It's being proactive for the next day. It's finishing what we've started.

When we use daily routines to help us get through our days we can accomplish more in less time. This. is. freedom. This is what allows us to work on our passion project guilt free.

self care routines for moms

There is one other routine that I find essential to moms. It is the routine of self care. Stephen Covey calls this 'Sharpen the Saw'. His philosophy is that if you take the time to sharpen the saw before you cut down the tree, it's going to be way easier and take less time to cut the tree down. 

So, how do you 'sharpen the saw' as a mom? When do you take care of yourself? When do you allow yourself time for fun? You have to schedule it in. The thing with planning that so many people forget is that they don't plan down time. They don't plan their play time.

Moms are busy, and some of you are going to use that as an excuse. ‘There just isn't time’ is a false belief. Look around you. You can find moms who value themselves and take care of themselves and still take care of their home and kids. It's totally possible. 

Your job is to find out what makes you feel taken care of and how often does it need to happen to keep you feeling your best. Think about what sounds super dreamy to you, and start doing half of that.

When that becomes normal, you can add in the rest of your dream. You need to take care of yourself. You need to have a reset button. Find out what that button needs to be programmed to do, and create a routine for it.

Create your routines

I really hope you take the time to create your routines. I promise you, they will make your life so much easier! Tell me in the comments what routines you always do, no matter what.