Prepping to Organize


Who is ready for MAY? I am such a warm weather person, sometimes I don’t know why we live in Minnesota. So glad it’s warming up. Okay. This month we are talking about all things home related. By the end of this month you will have your house decluttered and clean and organized so it feels easy for you to keep up on it.

We are going to start with your mind because you can’t organize your physical spaces until you clear the clutter in your mind. 

This post is all about getting in the right mindset so you can swiftly move through your house and clear the clutter and organize EVERYTHING.

My goal here is to get you ready to get started.

I like to organize the KonMari way and she teaches that the first step is to declutter. You have to get comfortable discarding things and creating space. This is the key to having an organized home. Anyone can learn how to have an organized home, even if you have kids.

The reason why Marie Kondo calls it the magic of tidying up is because when you clear the clutter and organize your space, you never have to tidy. Everything has a place and it’s easy to put it away.

You might be thinking, yeah, that would be nice if I didn’t have kids. The kids are the ones creating the mess.

I want you to really take ownership here. You can be in control and have your house be your dream house and have the kids be happy. You can decide that it’s your responsibility to raise your kids in a minimalist household. (When I talk about minimalism, I’m talking about only owing what you need and love and use often.)

Okay so even if you have kids you can do this. I have six, and this is what makes it easy for me to stay on top of it all.

step one| mindset

The first step to cleaning out is mindset, and we want to get you thinking in the right mind so you set yourself up for success. You have to recognize your thoughts. If you are already thinking this isn’t going to work because of the kids, do you think that thought is going to serve you? Probably not. 

This is the place where you get to decide how badly you want it to work. How badly do you want to be organized so you never miss another birthday, so you’re never late again, so you always know what to wear, so you’re always caught up on laundry and you have a plan for dinner?

Maybe you don’t want to do this because you know that by next week the house is going to be a mess again.

That, my friend, is because you didn’t discard enough.

You have to be willing to get rid of enough things so you can reach that magic point.

You have to be willing to hear the complaints from the kids when their toy box is half full instead of over flowing. (If they even notice.)

If you really declutter, how easy is it going to be to avoid the mess next week? And the week after?

Kids will find something to do, you can be assured of that. They are creative naturally, and they will find ways to entertain themselves.

When you feel like you are ready to discard + donate things, you are ready to begin.

step two| all at once

When you discard your things, you want to create a sort of event for it. You want to do it all at once. If you do one thing a day, at the end of the month you would have 30 things. Is that really going to make a difference?

Marie talked in her book about this. Some days she would find 2 things, but she would save one for the next day. Then she had days where she forgot all together to get rid of things. Not a good plan.

What if you took one month and went through your entire house and found things to discard? Do you think that would have a bigger affect? Be more lasting?

When you can do this all at once, that is when you will be able to shift your mindset, to get to the magic. Marie says that if you focus ‘on eliminating clutter thoroughly and completely within a short span of time, you’ll see instant results that will empower you to keep your space in order ever after.’

This is the magic. This is how you avoid cleaning up week after week, day after day.

So, to do this all at once you are going to need to clear your calendar. However long you think it’s going to take, triple it. The first category is your closet. If you think you can do it in 2 hours, plan on 6.

You will pick up speed the further you go along. You will build momentum, so don’t think it’s going to take six months. If it takes that long, you’re doing it wrong. 

It’s also a really good idea to have the kids somewhere else. Find a local friend who wants to do this with you and take turns watching the kids so you can do this uninterrupted and successfully.

Another option is to have your hubby take the kids to the library and the park and out to dinner or something. If you ask your brain to come up with ways that you can do this successfully, you will figure it out.

step three| your mind

You have to pay attention to your mind. This is different from being in the right mindset before you begin. When you pay attention to your mind, during the process, you are going to hear the thoughts that come up when you start decluttering.

You don’t know where to begin. 

You don’t know what to do with it all.

You don’t know how you are going to do the entire house.

You don’t know where you will put it all.

This is indulging in confusion. This is a waste of your precious time. There is no upside to indulging in confusion. I’m going to make this super easy for you. All you have to do is make a decision and move on.

you can do this

My Master Coach has taught me that your home is a direct reflection of your mind. If you are overwhelmed and stressed out, your home will show it. The more you organize your mind and you organize your home, the more freedom you will feel.

This is the exciting part. You are in the right mindset, you are ready to go all in and do it at once, and you are prepared to watch your thoughts. It’s time to begin decluttering.

Next week’s post is all about the action you will take. I created a printable worksheet for you to follow and check off so you don’t have to keep checking back here for what to do next. The worksheet will be in the Resource Library. The password is in your email, so if you need access, get on my list and I will share that with you.

Our goal is to do your entire house in one month. Yes, this is a big deal. It’s totally normal to feel scared about this. But here’s the thing.

If you commit to doing this in one month, imagine what your house will be like, even if you don’t do it perfectly.

It’s going to be amazing.

Okay. Get your schedule ready for next week! We’re starting with a 5 day challenge. Click the button to sign up.

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