If you have a goal, any goal, the way to achieve that goal is through perseverance. But when we are working towards something, and the going gets tough, it's so easy to quit. Perseverance is about not quitting. You need to know how to not quit so you can achieve your goals. Read on for the details.

What is perseverance

  1. being resilient
  2. committing despite discomfort
  3. not quitting

Perseverance is defined as one being steadfast in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. So when something is difficult, when you aren't getting the results that show you are on the road to success, the brain wants to quit. What perseverance is saying is to keep going, despite those results. Keep going, despite the difficulty.

I believe, like Brook Castillo says, that discomfort is the currency to your dreams. It's supposed to be uncomfortable. So why follow your dreams if it's going to be uncomfortable? Because that's life. Half of the time it's going to be uncomfortable anyway. I say put in the effort. Follow your dreams, and learn to manage the discomfort.


Perseverance is not quitting. You keep going, no matter what. You keep your eye focused on where you want to end up, and you do whatever it takes to get you to the end.

Why quitting is bad

  1. indulgent emotion
  2. slows you down
  3. failing vs. learning

Think about a time when you have been so involved in a project and it's so hard and you're tired and overwhelmed, and you just want to quit. If you decide to quit, what do you feel? Relief. Your brain is like yaasss. I've totally been there. But the thing is, it's temporary. 

After a while, you start thinking about that project or goal and it starts nagging you again, and you decide to try again. Quitting slows you down this way. It provides temporary relief. It stalls you. You can always justify it. You have a million excuses why you should quit. But really, it comes down to your lack of belief in yourself.

When it comes to quitting, you have to decide if you are going to chalk this up as a failure, or if you can learn something and persevere. Think about somehting you love. The lightbulb comes to mind. I love light. Imagine how different our lives would be if Thomas Edison threw his hands up after his first try and said, "Well, that will never work!" and quit.

Sometimes we don't even know how close we are to succeeding and we're so ready to give up. What might you be close to? The last 10 pounds. Keeping the debt snowball rolling. Staying on top of our roles. Starting a business. Whatever it is, keep going. Learn a little (or a lot) and persevere. 

How to persevere

  1. manage your mind
  2. anticipate quitting
  3. keep taking action

So you know the importance of perseverance. Now, how do you do it? The first step is to manage your mind. Here is something really profound I learned from Brooke. Your mind is the only thing that can overcome obstacles. Your mind is what makes something an obstacle. Whoa. You have to know what's going on in there. Do your thought downloads to find out.

And then you have to anticipate quitting, but you don't actually quit. Start paying attention to your patterns. I discovered that I was using planning as a way to indulge in quitting. I would tell myself that I wasn't organized enough. I needed better systems. So I would quit working towards my goal. I would re-write my weekly routine, making it look pretty, no matter how much the same the routine was to my previous one. And then I would go back to my goal thinking I solved my 'difficult' problem. Now I'm aware of what quitting looks like for me, and I don't do it anymore. 

You have to keep taking action. To keep taking action is to refuse confusion. That means not second guessing yourself or wondering if you should do this or that, or if you should do it this way or that way. Remember when we talked about commitment? When you are committed to your goal, it's easier to keep taking action. Ironically, this means having a plan.


So if you have something you want to do, like start a business, and you feel like you're stuck, you need to persevere.

Do a thought download. Ask yourself what you need to do to start your business. Write it all down. Then take that thought download and transfer it to your calendar. That is your plan. That is what you need to stick to. The days are going to come when you don't feel like doing what's on your calendar, but you have to do it any way. You have to persevere to get to where you want to be. Now, I know that is pretty generalized, but to explain my planning process will take a whole post. Look for it coming soon!