10 Ways to Own Self-Confidence


When you decide to be a self-confident person, you act differently. Yes, being self-confident is a choice. You have to decide to appreciate yourself. You have to take the time to love on you. This is not you being arrogant. This is you understanding the value of you and owning it.

Think about things that you value, that you appreciate.

Maybe it’s something you currently have.

Maybe it’s something you want to buy, like a new house or a new handbag.

Before you make the purchase you are going to really look everything over. You are going to take time to do this. You’re going to pay attention to all the details.

I want you to do this with yourself. Look at your body, at your abilities, and make a list of everything you appreciate about you.

Then I want you to take that list and I want you to read it to yourself every day. And when you read it, I want you to own it with these tips.

As you read these tips, don’t just read them. Think about how you show up when you do them. And then practice them. You have to practice this. When you feel confident reading your self-appreciation list to yourself, start sharing the things you like about you with others.

Self-confidence is a skill. The more you practice showing up, the more self-confident you will be.

1| Stand tall in your shoes. 

When you stand tall you’re saying, I’m here. Be strong in your energy. Open your chest and be willing to feel every emotion. 

2| Breathe deeply. 

Like really. Breathe like you know that no matter how rough the storm is, the clam is coming, that everything is going to be just fine. Especially when you are experiencing negative emotion. Be in the moment and breathe.

3| get dressed. 

Everyday. Even if you’re not going out. Dress up for YOU because it feels good. So when you see yourself in the mirror you can appreciate that you showed up for you.

4| Speak up. 

Be willing to be heard. Do not be afraid to say what you think. Have your own opinions and be willing to let others have their own opinions.

5| Smile at everyone. 

Even when you don’t feel like it. Smile at yourself. A smile can change everything. A smile goes a long way.

6| Talk about your dreams. 

Where you are isn’t where you always have to be. You can go places. Where do you want to go? Talk about your future as if your dreams are coming true.

7| keep the positivity coming. 

Read self-help books, learn. Get coached. This will help you stay inspired and motivated so you can grow your self-confidence.

8| be nice.

Give compliments to people and mean them. Don’t ‘like’ pictures just to like them. Like them if you honestly like them and comment when you genuinely mean it. When you see someone out in public and you think she has a pretty dress on, tell her. It feels so good to be on the receiving end of that AND on the giving end. Give more because it feels so good.

9| be courageous.

Courage doesn’t feel good. It’s tough. It takes dedication, commitment. Courage takes you places. Allow it, feel it, and know you’re going to be a better you. You have to be courageous if you want to grow your self-confidence.

10| Just be your awesome self.

I really believe we are all awesome. We are all human, and no matter what your experience is in the world, you are awesome. You are awesome and you can feel amazing. Believe in that possibility.

Tell yourself every day that it’s possible to feel amazing about yourself and then start showing up as the person who feels amazing shows up.