On Being Creative

I've started a Creative category on TBL. I did this for a couple reasons, but primarily because being creative solves so many problems. When I can immerse myself in a project, the time slips away. My mood brightens and I feel energetic + excited. Creativity gives me passion, and when I have passion in my life it is easier to fulfill my responsibilities as a wife + a mother.

But the thing is, I only receive that passion when I can fully immerse myself into my creativity. If I keep being pulled away by the kids, or if it feels like there's too much house work and I can't be creative (read: I can't do what I want to do), then there's no passion, and I feel depleted + unfulfilled. I feel disrespected, not valued and a little bit angry. Now you see what I mean the I say creativity solves a lot of problems. I need to be creative, but when it comes time to share creativity on here, well, that's a whole different thing.


My mind immediately says that I'm boring. That nobody wants anything from me. Why get something from me when there are so many other creative people out there doing a way better job? When I make the free wallpapers for my newsletter I wonder if anybody uses them. (If you're not on my list, you can sign up here.) When I feel this way I have to go back to my WHY.

I'm creative because it fills my life with passion. It has made such a difference in my life. I want to share my creativity because I want to inspire you to be creative. It's okay if you don't like what I do. I have to do it for me. Because I love feeling good. And if you don't like what I make, it's okay. I'm the only one who needs to like it. Knowing that makes being creative (and sharing it) so much easier. I want you to remember that when you are working on your own creative projects.

It's okay if nobody else likes them. Maybe it's something you are knitting, or maybe you are trying out painting. Do it because it's in you and it must come out. Do it for the passion, not for how you think others will see you or how much you think you could make at the next sale.

william faulkner story quote.png

Because the alternative is so boring. Our brain's default is to do nothing. It thinks we must conserve energy at all costs. Doing nothing leads to depression. I've been there, and it's no fun. If you are currently in a 'do nothing' phase, you're going to have to effort your way out of it until your brain thinks it's 'normal' to be creative. It's not going to be normal or easy until it's a habit. That's why repetition is so important.

Find a time when you can be creative and commit to it. If you can't do it daily, do it weekly. Be open to inspiration and know that you are creative. Even if you have all the same tools as someone else and you're painting the same landscape, yours will be different. This doesn't mean that theirs (or yours) is better. This means that you are an individual. You are the only one who sees the world through your eyes. You are the only one who needs to like your work. When you love your work, people can tell, and your people will find you through your authenticity.

Spend time being creative because you deserve to live your passion. If you really think you're not creative, ask yourself, "If I was creative, what would I be doing?" And then my friend, go and do that thing.

Tell me in the comments what your favorite creative thing to do is!