Minimalist Wardrobe for Kids

Today I'm talking about a minimalist wardrobe for kids. I'm sharing why it works and how I set it up. If you have kids, you have laundry. Lots of it. And chances are, if your kids are young, you are the one washing, drying, folding, and putting away all that laundry. If you have more than 2 kids there is so. much. laundry. I’m sure you’re familiar with minimalism and the less is more thing. (If you remember, I talked about how I created my own minimal wardrobe here.) Today I’m going to share 8 reasons why a minimal wardrobe works for kids and how you can create one for them.

What is a minimal wardrobe?

To be sure we are all on the same page here, I want to clarify my idea of a minimal wardrobe for kids. To me, minimal means having only that which is needed + useful. To apply this to my kids wardrobe, that means having 6 outfits for Monday-Saturday, and then 4 Sunday outfits. I choose outfits for the season, and that is what they get to wear.

8 reasons why a minimal wardrobe works for kids

1| they always know what to wear

When there is only one outfit available for each day, they don’t have to wonder what to wear. You won’t have to pick out their clothes. It’s already been decided.

2| you have less laundry

You can’t afford to let the laundry pile up because they will run out of clothes. You might find yourself doing laundry more often, but the loads will be small.

3| you will save money

When you have your outfits for the season it is so easy to see who needs what, or rather, who doesn’t need anything. When you see that you don’t need to buy any new clothes because they have what they need, you don’t have to browse the clearance racks just because there might be a good deal. Most of the time we buy things to feel good, or because we think they are cute, not because the child actually needs clothes.

4| you will have more time

When you put together these first three tips, you will notice that you have more time. You’re not picking out outfits, you can get through laundry in less time, and you’re not wasting time at the clearance racks. This means more time for you to sit and enjoy that cup of coffee. Start that book that you’ve always wanted to read. Learn how to knit or take up some other hobby. Have more fun.

5| you will have mental clarity

From clearing out + having more time in your day you will find time to slow down. Clearing out excess clothes (or anything extra for that matter) free’s up space in your mind (this is true). Things start to become simpler + easier. Think of how easy + quick you will be able to put away the laundry when there is so little in the closets.

6| you will have cleaner bedrooms

Because you are doing laundry more often, there won’t be clothes all over the floor. This leaves the bedrooms picked up.

7| your kids will learn their own style

When they only have a few outfits to wear they will start to understand what they really like their clothes to be like. This will make shopping more effective when the next season rolls around. You can be sure that what you are buying for them they will wear, and it’s not going to hang unused in the back of the closet.

8| your kids will be more responsible

They will be able to take ownership for their outfits. They will be more responsible. They will have to make sure they get their clothes in the laundry room so that they don’t run out of clean clothes. They will be comfortable with less. This will help young children transition to teenagers with more confidence. They will understand that it is them, and not their clothes, that we love.

How to Create a Minimal Wardrobe for Your Kids

  1. Pick one child to start with. Challenge yourself to do one child per day.
  2. Empty the entire closet.
  3. Create 6 play outfits for the current season.
  4. Create 4 Sunday outfits for the current season.
  5. Add in socks + underclothes + accessories.
  6. Pack up the remainder clothing and store it or donate it.

TIP: This works best to do when the child is absent.

Adjust accordingly, depending on the nature of your child. If you have an older child that you want to do this with, maybe start creating outfits and slowly stop putting certain clothes back in the closet after they go through the laundry. Or tell the child to find 5 tops that she can get rid of. Try to involve them in the process if they have an interest in clothes already.

If you find it really hard to get rid of all the extra clothes then pack them up and store them in the back of the closet. Challenge yourself to see how long you can go without opening the box or buying anything new.

Repeat this process at the beginning of the next season. Treat this as a guide, and tweak it to fit your lifestyle. Maybe it’s better if you add in a few more outfits and instead of changing per season, do it twice a year.

I hope this inspires you to clean out closets and find a better routine for kids clothes. As mothers, we have a lot of tasks to accomplish in a day. Let’s get the laundry done quickly! If you have any more tips when it comes to kids closets, please share below!