The last few weeks I have been talking a lot about setting a goal, committing to it, and not quitting. It's when we don't quit that we become resilient. When we persevere, we work through those obstacles. We improve our skill. We become the person who is capable of achieving that goal.

Think about that for a minute. 

If you were already capable of doing what it is that you want to do, you would already have it. You would already be at that place.

We are supposed to grow and evolve. It's part of the process. It's part of being alive.

Today I want to talk about your mind. It's what stands between you and your goal. It's where the problem lies. It's what's the matter. 

The good thing is that it's all in your head.

The bad thing is that it's all in your head.

The power of your mind

  1. you can overcome obstacles
  2. you create obstacles

Remember that quote from Brooke Castillo in yesterday's post? Your mind is the only thing that can overcome obstacles. Your mind is what makes something an obstacle.


This is the power of your mind.

This is the power of YOU.

When we have something we want to do and we tell ourselves that we don't know how, we start creating obstacles.

As soon as I learned I was expecting baby number six, I felt like I had to put my business on hold. Like I couldn't do what I wanted to do. Like I had no control over my life.

But the thing that I've learned with obstacles is that they are only in the mind. I still have full control. I can still do what I want.

What I mean is that whatever the obstacle is (in my case being pregnant), it doesn't matter. We can either decide to use our obstacles as raw material for growth or we can let them hold us back.

You have the power in your mind.

What is the matter

  1. what's the problem
  2. identify your thoughts
  3. keep your eye on the goal

So, what's the matter? This is somehting you have to ask youself to get to the heart of the problem. To figure out what your obstacles are. 

Maybe you need to know a certain skill in order to achieve your goal. That is an obstacle. Maybe you need to go outside of your comfort zone. Ask yourself what's the matter.

It's good to remember that what someone else might think is the matter really isn't what the problem is at all. Years ago I thought my problem was that I was anxious and depressed because that was the family history.

The problem was that I was fueling my body with the wrong foods. As soon as I figured out what the matter really was, the solution was easy.

When you are working on a goal, pay attention to your thoughts. Remember, you want to persevere. You committed to this, and there is no quitting. Pay attention to all your thoughts so you know when quitting wants to sneak up on you so you are prepared and you can work your way through it.

Remember, even though your results might not show you are on your way to achieving your goal, if you keep taking action and you keep your eye on your goal, you will get there

Mind your matter

  1. think motivation + determination
  2. ask better questions
  3. learn from mistakes

To help you mind your matter, or take care of what is wrong, you need to think thoughts that will keep you motivated. Thoughts that make you feel determined to reach your goal. Only you know what these thoughts are. Ask yourself. What do you need to think to feel motivated? What do you need to think to feel determined? Remembering your WHY will be helpful here.

And then ask better questions. Instead of saying, 'I'm so stupid! Why did I do that?!' Stay positive by staying curious. Say, 'Well that was interesting. I wonder what I can learn from this?' 

And do exactly that. Learn from your mistakes. If you don't learn anything, you're likely not moving towards your goal. Not learning is like quitting.

Sometimes it's a good time to quit. Sometimes we start something and it ends up being totally different from what we thought it would be, and maybe it goes against our values. If you quit, like your reason. If a part of you is still attached to the outcome, learn from your mistakes and keep moving forward.

What's your matter?

I really want you to apply this to your goals and to your relationships. When you think about what is wrong, separate the facts and get straight to the solution. Do not spend too much time wallowing on the problem. That does no good.

Identify the problem and focus on the solution.

That is how you move forward.