Making Thanksgiving Special


If there is one thing that makes Thanksgiving feel more special it's got to be having a beautifully decorated table. Having a festive Thanksgiving table affects everyone's mood for the better. But, the problem is, when you are in the kitchen cooking all day, the table can be forgotten. That's what happened to me a couple years ago.

We had decided to stay home for Thanksgiving. It was supposed to be nice and quiet. And it was, kind of. But I was the only one cooking and I didn't do anything special to the table. It ended up not feeling like Thanksgiving. It was just a really big dinner with a lot of food and a lot of cleanup. This year, I want Thanksgiving to feel special. I want it to be fun. This year, I'm going to decorate my table.

Plan on it

Last week I talked about having company and how planning makes everything so much easier. Planning is my lifesaver, really. If you want to make Thanksgiving more fun, plan it out! I know that having a pretty table is going to make me feel more festive and probably make my food taste better too. That's no joke. I think food always taste better in a nicer restaurant. The quality of the food could be the same as somewhere else, but because everything else looks nice, your brain automatically decides the food tastes better too. So, plan on decorating.

Keep it Simple

When you decide to do some holiday decorating, remember to keep it simple. Especially at Thanksgiving, when there needs to be room on the table for the food. Keep the centerpiece small. You want your food to be the most beautiful thing. You want to smell your food, not the flowers. You want to see who is sitting across from you so you can visit.

If you can, set the table the night before. If you can't set the table the night before (like me), then keeping it simple is going to be key. Try adding three things to the table.

  1. pretty napkins

  2. name tags or a menu or a game (something small to fit on the plate)

  3. sprinkle color confetti or run a ribbon down the center of the table


Enjoy the day

The point of decorating a little is so that you feel more festive and Thanksgiving is more fun. You want Thanksgiving to feel special. When you finally sit down to enjoy your dinner, you can look around at your family + friends and feel so thankful for everything. Be grateful and choose to make your Thanksgiving special and fun!

//note: if you like the Thanksgiving card, I found it on Almost Makes Perfect here.

Tell me in the comments if you like to decorate your table or add name tags to the place settings.