Making Home Your Happy Place


When I was depressed, one thing I would do to cheer myself up was to read home decorating books. I would loose myself in designer homes. I thought that if I just had a nicer home, I would be happy. I hated my old house with all it’s problems. I’ve come to know now, that happiness is found within, but I also know that having a nice house helps that happiness along. It’s like money; it can’t buy happiness, but it sure does help.

At one point I decided to try to do in my little house what the designers were doing in mansions. Remember, I just wanted to be happy. I started pinning things that I absolutely loved. Things that I would actually do in my house if I had the money. And then I started looking for ways that I could get those looks in my house. When I did this I started really liking my house. The whole process was actually fun. Having something fun to look forward to made me happy.

When it comes to living, less is more. If you have less of the things that you don’t like + more of the things that you do like, it will be easier to choose to be happy. Plus, your house will look nicer and it will be more enjoyable to clean. When you feel happy it is easier to want to clean and spend time with your family. I want to inspire you to declutter your home and turn it into a place that you love so that you can feel happier. In today’s post I’m going to teach you how having a home you love can help you access your inner happiness.

How to Love Your Home

Your home isn’t going to magically turn into something you love. You’re not going to wake up one day and all the sudden love your home if you don’t already. It’s going to take some effort. Effort is a good thing because when you work for something, you appreciate it more. Start with decluttering, find what you want + like, and create a plan for that to happen.


  1. out with the old, in with the new
  2. out with the negative, in with the positive
  3. express gratitude

When you declutter and remove old things that you no longer like, you make room for new things. New things like personal growth and living future forward, instead of being focused on the past.

When you get rid of things that are associated with negative thoughts (like when you keep tripping over extra toys and stepping on them and picking them up over + over), those negative thoughts stop coming into your brain. Your left with more happy space.

It is a common thing to feel guilty for getting rid of stuff. This is normal. We think about how we spent our money on all this stuff, and how we should like loving it. What we should love is the space we are living in. If we no longer like the stuff that is in our space, we would be better off thanking those things for giving us joy when they did, and then passing them on for the next person to enjoy them. The best way to get rid of the guilt is by expressing gratitude.

This doesn't mean that you need to 'go minimal'. This means that you pay attention to your thoughts and you surround yourself with things that you love. Make sure you know what you like.

Get Clear on What You Like

  1. look for what you like
  2. look for what’s possible
  3. think creatively

Start noticing what you are really attracted to. Create a Pinterest board for your house, and only pin things that you absolutely love. When you love something, examine it to see why you love it. Is is just a cool picture? Would you actually want that in your house? How would you feel if you had it? Narrow down what you like about what you're pinning and how you would actually put that in your current house.

Search your house style (ranch, craftsman, farmhouse, victorian...) on Houzz to see what other people have done with their houses. See what’s possible. And then take what’s possible with what you like, and get creative.

Look for similarities of what you’re pinning + what other people have done in similar homes as you. What can you do to create a similar look? You have to use your creativity and tweak things so that your personality shows. This is what makes it fun and individual. When you can really be creative, you’re ready to make changes.

Create a Plan

  1. room by room
  2. assess the situation
  3. work with what you have

I find it easier to go room by room than to make a list for the whole house. That can be so overwhelming! Especially if you live in an old house like I do. Pick a room, any room, and make a list of everything that you want to do. Take some time deciding what room to do. Maybe you want to start with your master bedroom so you have your own personal oasis. Maybe you want to start with a more lived-in space because that is where you spend most of your day. Pick a room, and make your list.

After you have a list of everything that you really want to do, do not lose hope. It’s probably long and seems like it will never be accomplished. Examine your room for what you already have. Really do a deep clean in the room to get you motivated to move forward. What's in the room that you already like? A special window? Real hardwood floors? What is the focal point of the room? Look for what you like, and then take that one step further. Clean the window. Add some flowers. If there isn’t a window, and you really wish there was, hang a mirror or a painting to add some light. But, before you go shopping at the store, shop your house.

It’s really important to work with what you already have. Maybe there is a rug or an end table that you can move from another room. Maybe if you paint or re-finish something you will like it more. Add lighting. Always shop your own house first. You’ll find wonderful ideas.

Let the Fun Begin

When you start getting your hands dirty and you are doing action to actually improve your lifestyle, you will become even more clear on what you like and don’t like. And when you really like you space it’s easier to want to share it with your friends. Invite them over. Have dinner parties or s’mores parties.

As always, enjoy your process, and tweak it as much as you need to. Take advice from designer Billy Baldwin: "Stick to the things you love. An honest room is always up to date."


Let your home evolve into you. Be happy with who you are and what you can do, not with what you can get. This is a way to create wealth, to create abundance. Make your home your happy place.