making decisions strongly


This month in TBL School we are continuing the time management series. One of the ways to make time is to make decisions strongly. Today I’m going to talk about what it means to make decisions strongly.


When it comes to making decisions it’s good to weigh your options. Just make sure you don’t start spinning in indecision, telling yourself you don’t know or you can’t decide. You can totally decide. Maybe you just need to think about decisions in a different way.

What if there was no wrong decision EVER? I’m a firm believer in this. What if no matter what choice you made, it was the right one? What if everything would turn out perfectly no matter what?

What would that look like? Let’s say you were thinking of taking a trip and you couldn’t decide if you should go or not because there was so much going on and you kind of just felt like staying home. This is the moment you get to decide that everything is going to be perfect if you take your trip OR that everything will be perfect if you stay home.

It’s really that simple. You just pick one, and then you stick to it.


The second thing to making decisions strongly is to commit. Committing might be harder than actually making your decision. But once you decide what you are going to do, you have to stick to it. Every time something comes up and you are tempted to change your mind, know that’s how the brain works. It’s always going to be looking for what’s wrong. It’s always going to be looking for reasons why you shouldn’t do this or why that would be better. 

So, if your brain is going to freak out anyway, it makes even more sense to just pick one and commit to it. But what does commitment really look like?

When you commit to something, you aren’t going to be second guessing. You aren’t going to be weighing your options anymore. You are decided and you can stop the brain chatter.


Okay, so first you have to make your decision. Then you have to stay committed. Now it’s time to take action on it. Once you have made your decision, you need to start taking action to bring it into reality. So going back to the example of taking a trip, if you decided to take the trip, start planning it. What route are you going to take? Where are you going to stay? How long are you going to be gone?

Or, if you decided to stay home, start planning what that would look like. What are you going to do to make staying home relaxing? You need to plan it.

So many people don’t want to plan what they are going to be doing with their time. What I want to encourage you to do is to plan EVERYTHING. It makes it so much easier to take action when you know exactly what you need to be doing.

stop spinning in confusion

Remember your brain is going to want to freak out and tell you that you made the wrong decision and try to get you to switch. Your job is to stay committed to yourself and know you made the right decision.

If you know your brain is going to freak out anyway, and you know that no matter what decision you make it’s going to be the best one, what would you do?

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