Live Like the Buffalo


This past summer (2017) I changed my blog from Coffee with Mar to This Buffalo Life. You may be wondering, what's up with the buffalo? In today's post, I'm going to tell you the story as I understand, it of the American Buffalo. I'm going to tell you why I think it's important to live like the Buffalo, and how you can do it.

The story is adapted from a lesson learned by the Native American Indians about the legend of the American Buffalo.

The Story

In this story, times were rough; there wasn’t enough to eat. People were starving. Some men went out to hunt, and on their way they met a woman dressed in white. She told the men to “return to their people and tell them I am coming.” She taught the Lakota people the mysteries of the earth and how everything was connected. She taught them to pray and to follow the right path of life.

As she left the tribe, she rolled on the earth four times, changing color each time before turning into a white buffalo calf and disappearing. She left behind herds of buffalo for the Lakota.

The American Buffalo has become a symbol of abundance + manifestation, teaching them that they don’t have to struggle to survive. Especially if they have the right mindset. If the right action is with the right prayer and they bring together the everyday things of this life with the divine. Everything is connected and all that is needed will be provided.

The buffalo has a very spiritual meaning to the Lakota and is a sign of life’s sacred hoop. It is mind, body, spirit, and unify.

What is Balance

To me, this sacred hoop, mind, body, spirit, and unify, is all about life balance. I have also learned that you don’t have to struggle to survive. If I can be mindful and live a balanced life, fully aligned, my life will be full of abundance.

If I can remember to walk with intention and take care of my mind, my body, my spirit and my relationships, life is so much more enjoyable.

I feel so much better. Everything is wonderful. In fact, it’s so wonderful that I want to teach you how you can live a life of abundance because helping others feel better about their lives fills me with a sense of purpose.

I have 7 life areas that I like to balance. They are as follows:

  1. rest

  2. spirit + purpose

  3. health + nutrition

  4. relationships

  5. work + money

  6. intellectual + continuous learning

  7. creativity

Balance is NOT giving equal time to each area. Balance is an internal ratio. To be balanced you need to be mindful. A great way to do this is to score yourself from 1-10 in each area. If you find yourself lower than say, 6, then it would be a good idea to spend more time in that area. Notice I have 7 life areas. This helps to give each day of the week a specific focus.

Creating abundance

Abundance is having a lot of something. To me, having a lot means that every area of my life would be a ten. I want to live with abundance. I know from experience that as a mom, life can feel hard. Like there isn't time to have fun. There is always work to do, or you’re too tired.

I want to show you how there is enough time to be a mom AND have fun. I want to show you that it can be easy to keep the house clean so you can work on your small business.

When you work with me, we are going to create that abundance in your life. You will find time for creativity. You will be fueled by your passion.

Creating Manifestation

This is where your passion comes to life. The more abundant you are, the more passion you are going to have in your life.

When we think about manifesting something, it can feel a bit woo-woo. But, here's the thing, like attracts like.

This is a fact. It's the law of attraction. So if you're currently running short on time or lacking in one life area, chances are, there's lack in more than one area.

As you start to pay attention and you work your way into abundance, you will naturally manifest more good things.

Life then becomes even more abundant!

This is where the coaching gets super fun because we uncover the reason why your life is the way it is and how you created it.

We figure out what you want your life to be like and how you can make it happen.

This isn’t just thinking about having more money or better relationships and hoping they will manifest.

This is doing the work to make change happen because you see it that what you want has been inside you all along.

- - - - -

Live like the buffalo

You put it all of this together. You live your life intentionally, in balance. You begin creating abundance, having more of what you want in your life and less of what you don't. You start manifesting your dreams and you feel a buzz around you. This is your passion for life.

When you do things from a place of peace, you are left with passion, or love. When you find you have more time to spend on creative projects, you feel happier and love flows from you. Life feels wonderful.

Yes, there’s still going to be hard days, but you are going to learn the tools to help you get through them, so they won’t feel so hard.

This is what living like the buffalo really is. It is you, living a full life you love.

This Buffalo Life is where I hope to inspire others to live a balanced life so they can enjoy life more. I want everyone to live like the buffalo, with abundance.

If you want my help, lets jump on the phone and have a conversation.

Your amazing life is waiting for you on the other end.


I send a copy of this print out to all my clients. It’s the perfect reminder to stay in balance and live like the buffalo.