Letting things be good enough is another way of saying let go of being perfect, but what I'm actually going to talk about is something different. I want to talk about our expectation of things and what happens when we are disappointed. 

I remember when I bought my first bullet journal. It was an off brand because I wanted a larger size than what Bulletjournal offers. I wanted as close to 8.5 x 11 as I could get. I found one that was 8 x 10 so I ordered it. When it arrived I couldn't wait to open it. I tore open the packaging and I was so disappointed.

It looked so little. I measured it and it was 7.5 x 10. I thought it looked smaller. 

I found myself faced with a decision.

  1. I could send it back and try a different one. I hate sending things back, and there wasn't really another one I wanted.
  2. I could decide that this one was perfect and let it be my favorite journal. I've had so many journals that I didn't love, and then I end up not using them.

I wanted to love this journal and use it everyday. I wanted to love writing in it. So, I chose the second choice.

What happened was that I did love my journal. So much so that when it was full, I ordered the exact same one again. The size ended up being perfect. I could easily slip it in my purse and bring it with me when I was out alone. I was struck by how I could just 'decide' that something was perfect, it was perfect.

Deciding is really only half of it. I decided that I wanted my journal to be perfect, and then I believed it was. If you let yourself believe that something is perfect, you will see it as perfect.

Because what makes anything perfect anyway? Our thoughts. Think about it. When something is less than we are so quick to point out all the flaws. Maybe not verbally, but we do this in our minds so well. It's how the brain works.

It's like that coffee cup that we want to buy but it's at least 4 ounces too big and the lip is too thick and the color isn't quite right, but we LOVE the style.

We can take that same cup and tell a different story. I love this cup because it's so unique. It's big enough to hold my bulletproof coffee. I love how heavy it is. It keeps my coffee hotter longer. I love the characteristics. It's Magnolia, after all. It's perfect.

Coffee cups and journals aside, what do you have in your life that's causing you disappointment? Start paying attention to your thoughts. Begin looking for what you do like, what you could like. Maybe there's something you think you could never like that you just always have to put up with. Well, if you did like it, if there was a possibility that you could like it, what would that be like?

You have to tell your brain what to look for. Remember, it's your choice. You can decide on purpose to like anything. Any thought that causes you pain is a thought that's not aligned with your true self. Pick out those thoughts. Uncover their pain. Decide what you want to like. Let things be good enough.