How to Let Go of the Drama So You Can Move Forward


Sometimes we have so much to do as a mom it's easy to instantly feel overwhelmed. Maybe we start complaining about how the house is so messy and the kids never help out and how the work is never ending and when we clean we never get to enjoy the clean house because as soon as we turn around the kids have messed it up already. On top of all this, we never get to really have fun.

Can you feel the drama? How does that feel? Not good. But at the same time, is it relatable? Totally (at least for me). But, when I make myself get up and do the work right away instead of complaining about it or even thinking about doing it all day, it doesn't actually take that long. 

If you can let go of the drama, you can move forward and get things done so you can have more time for your own enjoyment. Here are 3 ways you can let go of drama and move forward.

stop indulging in emotions

If you're being dramatic, you're probably indulging in overwhelm, worry, or anxiety. There is no up side to these emotions. They keep you stuck and spinning. When these emotions come up, remember that discomfort is part of the process. We are supposed to feel negative emotion half of the time. Take your negative emotion with you, and do it anyway. In the end, you will feel better.

focus on the facts

If you're so overwhelmed you feel like you can't get anything done, start with a thought download. Take a few minutes and empty your brain. Then, create a list of the facts of what needs to be done. When you can see what needs to be done without your mind chatter around it, you can decide how you want to feel about your tasks. 

I find this so simplifying. I can let go of the overwhelm and all the sudden everything feels manageable. I know I can do it.

give it 15 minutes

When you have your task list made, give each task a time limit. If you find you have something on your list that you're avoiding because it's going to take a while, try the 15 minute rule. Just work at it for 15 minutes. The pressure is now off, which motivates you to start. You might surprise yourself at how much you can get done in 15 minutes.

are you ready to move forward?

When you take a quick glance back over how this year is going for you, how do you feel? Do you have things you really want to accomplish that aren't getting done? Maybe things aren't even making it to your to-do list. Try these tips to help you let go of the drama, of the story you are telling yourself about whatever it is you need to do. You can start taking action without the drama. When you do the things you want to do, you feel so much better.

Here's to moving forward.