Keeping Your Home Clean


A clean house doesn’t have to be stark + sterile. And it doesn't need to take all of your time. In fact, if you do a little a few days a week, your house will be clean. You don’t need to clean your house everyday. I don’t, and my house is clean enough. I have a system that I follow, and it’s easy and quick. When you stay on top of your cleaning, you are more likely to have spontaneous company and, it puts you in a better mood because you don’t have the nagging feeling that you need to get up and clean. It’s already done. Today I’m going to teach you how to stay on top of your cleaning so when you feel like doing something fun you're not tempted to clean up first.


The first thing to do is to stop blaming other people for the messy house. I used to blame the kids for leaving their toys everywhere. Who buys the toys? Who is supposed to teach them how to pick up? Do they even know where they go? Same with the shoes and the clothes. Pay attention to what example you are setting and stop separating yourself from the others in your house. It doesn’t pay to think thoughts like I’m clean and they’re so messy. You have to think, I’m clean and this is how you can be like me, and this is why you want to be like me. Stop the blame, whether it’s said out loud or to yourself.

Step One: Know What Needs to be Done

If you want to stay on top of your cleaning, you need to know what needs to be cleaned and how often. You need to know what’s required to do the job so that when you go to do it you can actually get it done. I don’t think it’s necessary to make a detailed list. There are plenty of cleaning programs out there that tell you to do certain tasks at certain times of the month in certain orders. That’s all fine and good if you like following really drawn out cleaning routines. I have better things to do than to clean all day every day. Besides, most of those programs require so much time writing tasks out in binders and then you have to pull the thing out everything you're going to clean. I just like to get it done, quickly.

Knowing what needs to be done takes a couple considerations. First, the dust. It’s everywhere. It’s on the ceiling and it’s on the floor and everything in between. So it’s going to make sense to clean from top to bottom. Secondly, you don’t have to do it all all of the time.

It might be worth noting that there are things that I choose to do everyday like the dishes and cleaning the kitchen up. I set a standard for myself long ago to always have a clean kitchen when I go to bed. I love my early mornings and the last thing I want to do when I wake up is the dishes.

Step Two: When Are You Going To Clean

I’m guessing that you don’t want to spend hours cleaning your house everyday, but I’m also guessing that it kind of feels like that’s what you need to do to get a clean house. I know the feeling. I promise that in my house the floors get the most dirty within the first 24 hours of being mopped! But, you don’t have to mop your floors every day. Remember the point is to not clean every day. You do have to clean when you say you’re going to. That’s the key. If you decide that Monday is the only day you are going to clean, then clear your Monday for cleaning. Decide when you are going to clean so when that time rolls around you know exactly what you’re going to be doing so you can do it.

Step Three: Create Your System

Creating your system is the fun part for me because I love planning. You know what needs to be clean and you know when you want to clean, so now you can create your system to follow. If it makes sense to you to clean by room, set your system up that way. If you want to clean by task, set your system up that way. I have my system set up by task and by day.

I clean about three days a week. I do most of it on Monday’s, some on Wednesday’s, and then I choose either Friday or Saturday for a bit more light cleaning, depending on what the weekend plans look like.  This is good enough for me, and if someone I looked up to was going to stop by unexpectedly, I would feel comfortable with the way my house is. I want my company to feel like they are in a clean house. If I can make them feel like that then I am doing my job of staying on top of my cleaning.

Step Four: Clean Your House

All this talk about cleaning your house hopefully makes you want to go clean! If you know what needs to be done and when you’re going to do it and how you’re going to do it, it should be super easy to do it. So do it. I’m serious. Having a system makes it so much easier to clean. You don’t have to think about what you need to do. You just do it.


Here’s an extra cleaning tip that works really well for those really messy rooms that we like to keep the door shut. When you go into a super messy or cluttered room, ask yourself what ONE thing you can do to make it a better place before you go out. Then only do the one thing. Don’t burry yourself in a project you don’t have time for. Doing just one thing will make you feel so much better.

If you feel overwhelmed because you hate cleaning and you really just want to look at clean rooms on Pinterest instead, go shopping. Go buy some new cleaning supplies and give yourself a little boost to make cleaning fun. If you buy pretty things to clean with and then start cleaning with them right away it can help you start a new habit. But you still have to clean. Don’t go buy cute stuff and let it sit; use it. Don't worry about getting your new stuff dirty. Just think about how you can go buy new supplies again. The point is to clean in a way that works for you.


When you stay on top of your cleaning you will be able to clean in less time because you won’t have to work hard at messes that have been sitting for days. You will always be ready for spontaneous company and you will feel better knowing that you are taking responsibility for your house. And best of all, when it's time to do something fun for yourself, you can enjoy the moment instead of feeling like you should go clean first.