How Your Past is Holding You Back


I’ve been doing a lot of work believing in myself and I’ve had some profound shifts, so I want to share what I’ve been going through with you. For the month of August, I will be taking about believing. I’m starting today with how your past is holding you back because this is so important to understand if you want to grow and embrace your future.

We all have dreams. We have these desires that we want to come true, but we feel like they will never come true because it’s something we’ve never done before. Because of this, we think something has gone terribly wrong.

But all this drama in your head is just sentences.

These sentences are your story. Part of your story was taught to you directly and part of it you just picked up along your journey. But it’s your story that you think over and over and over. It’s something you believe so deeply that you don’t even question whether it’s true or not.

You don’t question it because it feels so true.

But what if it wasn’t? 

What you believe is based on your past. If you want to believe new things, you need to first become aware of your current beliefs. You have to become aware of what you are thinking so you can decide if that’s what you want to continue thinking.

It’s like a fish in water. He doesn’t even know he’s in water. You have to become aware and know what you don’t know. You have to become the watcher of your brain.

So, why is this so important.

Everything starts with a thought. Every idea. Every invention. We have to think it before we can create it. We think it and we believe it and we create on purpose.

Let’s say you have a dream of becoming a photographer, like my client Jaclyn. She has to think so hard that she believes she is a photographer that people want to pay.

But here’s what happens in her brain. She tells herself she is an amazing photographer, and then right away her brain says, no you’re not. I’m just starting out. I don’t even have a full frame camera. I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m just a dreamer. I’m not good at this. I can’t have a business.

This is what you want to become aware of. Right now, she thinks all these sentences are facts. She’s making it mean that she can’t get paid or even start her business until she has all the experience and the bigger camera. 

But she will never get the experience until she starts. She has to believe she can do it even though she’s never done it before. But she will never believe it until she uncovers all these beliefs and lets them go.

So how do you even know what you don’t know?

This is where you want to pay attention to your feelings. We know our thoughts create our feelings. Any time you are experiencing negative emotions, use that negative feeling as an indicator that you are thinking negative thoughts.

So when Jackie is saying, I’m not good at this, or I can’t have a business, those feel bad. Those are thoughts she needs to dig into and let go of. Because even if she had clients, but she was still talking to herself in a negative way, her photography is going to reflect that.

When she really believes she is amazing, that she is good at it, that she can have a business, her photography will really take off.

When you are letting go of old beliefs, it can be as simple as deciding to change your mind. Believing she isn’t good at photography or that she can’t have a business doesn’t make it true.

She is accepting it as true, and then believing it because she has thought it over and over. 

To disbelieve it, she has to change her mind about it. She has to create a new sentence in her mind and she has to think that over and over and over until she believes her new sentence.

You get to believe whatever you want to believe about you. What feels true to you is your choice. What you believe and focus your mind on is your choice.

You can choose I can’t do this or I’m going to be amazing at this. Both can be true, but you get to decide which one you want to believe and focus on.

You have to be deliberate with your thinking if you want to let go of your past and embrace your future.

Spend some time this week examining your thoughts. All those sentences in your brain. What are you thinking about your life? What are you believing is possible for you?

Pay attention to your feelings. When you are feeling negative emotion, what are you thinking about? It’s always good to ask why.

Become aware of your thinking and you can totally change it.

Do not just read this. I want you to apply this in your life. Do this work. Leave a comment and let me know what you want to believe about you.