How to Plan

My first week in the new year was less than epic. Yeah, that's not a very good way to start. I have big dreams for this year. It's going to be epic. I need a better plan + I need to stick to it. That is easier said than done, and I think most people would agree. Even so, I'm going to try again.

I realized that I need a simple system so I will actually follow it. I broke my planning down into three parts. First you must be clear on what it is you actually want. Next, you must remove any obstacles, blocks, and overcome any challenges that will stop you from getting what you want. And then you must practice it daily. Write it down, read it, DO IT.


Start With Yourself

  1. How do I want to be? (Think physical, mental, spiritual, emotional)
  2. How do I want to show up in my relationships? (Think wife, mother, friend)
  3. How do I want my surroundings to be? (Think home, auto, money)

You have to have something to plan for. Set a goal. It's important to set goals from a place of abundance. This is something I have learned from Brooke Castillo, and I hope you try it. Make a list of 25 things that you already have and want. Things like tap water that you can turn on whenever you want, your car, your house, your clothes. Your washer and dryer. I can't imagine bringing dirty clothes for a family of 7 to the laundry mat. Look around you. I know you can come up with a few things. Feel appreciation for your things, be so glad that you have them. Now, think of about 10 things that you want but don't have yet. Sandwich those in between what you already have. Now, pick one of those wants and lets set a goal for it.

Ask The Right Questions

  1. What state of conditions do I want to create? Why?
  2. What do I need before I can start?
  3. What support do I need to make sure I follow through?

When you have a goal to work towards you can move onto the what and the why. Think about how things will be when you have what you want. How long is it going to take you to get to that place? What are you going to have to do to get there? Dream about it. Write about it. Do not worry about how you will do it yet. Only worry about the conditions you want to create.

If your answer to the second question here is anything other than 'Nothing, I can start now', then you need to go do that thing first, and then come back to your goal.

If you know you need some accountability, it is your responsibility to set that up. Think about those conditions you want to create. Think about how you will feel when you are at that place. Now call a responsible, supportive friend and tell them this: 'I am working on a goal. On this day please ask me how I am progressing.'

Write it Down

  1. What is my specific goal?
  2. How am I going to do it?
  3. How will I know when I've accomplished it?

Write it down. I cannot stress this enough. Set dates. Set amounts. List the steps you need to take. Anyone can do anything. If you're not sure how you would do it, think about how someone else would do it and go from there.

When you know exactly what you want and you can picture your outcome, you can work backwards. This is what it means to begin with the end in mind. Set the date first. When do you want to have your goal? If your goal spans a full year, break it down into quarters. Take the first quarter and break it down into months. Take the first month and break it down into weeks. Take your first two weeks and create your plan from that.

Keep your goal on a sticky note and hang it up where you will see it everyday. Read it out loud. Ask yourself interesting questions about how you do it and still have fun. Why is it so easy for me to do this? Enjoy your journey. Remember that saying, the grass is always greener on the other side? Well, that's for those people who don't know when their goal is achieved and are too quick to move on to the next thing. Slow down and enjoy who you become in the process.

Now Do It

  1. Download and print this workbook. Fill it in!
  2. Remember to read your goal daily.
  3. Email me your thoughts and questions, I'd love to help out!

Remember, always be nice to yourself, no matter what. You have your plan, the hard part is sticking to it. Be nice. Change takes practice. Give yourself time to practice. Allow yourself to feel. Best of luck!