How to Organize Your Chaotic Brain


We've all had those times where everything just feels like it's too much. Especially at the end of the year. It's pretty common for overwhelm to be one of the most common feelings of the day.

But what good is overwhelm? Nobody is going to be accomplishing anything with overwhelm. It's time to get the chaos under control. Here's three quick steps to help you organize your brain.

1| Thought Download

I know you are buying those pretty notebooks. Start using them for your thought downloads so you can quit feeling guilty about another notebook. Seriously though, start with a thought download. 

Whenever you are feeling overwhelmed, chaotic, or just too busy, do a thought download. Get everything that's running around in your brain out onto paper. 

It's such a relief.

2| Prioritize

After you get everything out of your brain you can prioritize it. Start creating lists and organize everything. If you do one thing, will it eliminate anything else? Categorize lists and then prioritize each list.

What needs to be done first? Putting things in order is going to help you feel more in control and relaxed because now you have a plan.

3| Schedule

Now, having a prioritized list or a plan isn't going to do much good sitting in your pretty notebook. Set a due date for each item and write it on your calendar. Make sure you leave room in your days so that when it comes time to do the task, you actually do it.

The last thing you want is to have an overwhelming calendar. There is no point in transferring the chaos from your brain to your calendar so make sure you are going to do the work.

I know sometimes we don't feel like doing the work, but if we can see there isn't really that much to do on this day, it can make it easier to do the work even if we don't feel like it.

If you do have a day where you need to get a lot done in one day, find something that will inspire and motivate you to do the work. Maybe that means getting a sitter for a few hours and going to a coffee shop. Maybe that means dropping your kids off somewhere so you can work at home.

You have to take responsibility for what you want to do and make it happen. The feeling you get when it's all said and done is so worth it.

So now it's your turn

Get everything out of your brain.

Categorize it and prioritize it.

Set a date and schedule it on your calendar.

Eliminate your own excuses and do your tasks even if you don't feel like it.

Not only will you get more done and eliminate the chaos in your brain, doing this will build self-confidence in you.

And we all want that.