How to Organize


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Here we go! Are you excited to start organizing your house? If you haven’t read last week’s post, be sure to check it out because it talks about what comes before organizing. If you have, and you are ready to get started, go ahead and print out your worksheet so you can check things off as you go along.

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You are going to need cleaning supplies to clean your closet before you put what you keep back in there. You are also going to want trash bags and donate bins for the things you don’t keep.

First I'm going to tell you the process I use to declutter and then the process of how to move through your house.

1| remove everything

I like to declutter and organize the KonMari way, and in order to declutter you have to take EVERYTHING out and then only put back what you love. You cannot skip this step or it won’t work. You won’t get to the magic.

So when you do your closet you are going to empty your ENTIRE closet. This is so important. Do not try to go in there and organize with your clothes still in there. It’s not going to work.

2| clean

You’re going to take everything out and then you’re going to clean your closet. Take some time here to really appreciate your space. It doesn’t matter how much or how little space you have.

Maybe you don’t even have a closet.

That’s totally fine.

What you want to do is to love where you are going to store your clothes so when you go to get dressed you have a good experience.

So, clean it up.

3| decide + put away

After you clean your space, you’re going to go through your things and start discarding.

If you follow these steps, you will get to that magic place. I want to open you up to the possibility of what your house could be like if you had less stuff. What it could be like to really be organized. 

After you clean out the space, you are going to go to your pile and take each item and ask three questions. This is important. You are going to do ONE ITEM at a time. Pick up the item and hold it and ask the questions.

The questions here I learned from my Master Coach, Brooke Castillo. Marie Kondo says to ask if the item brings you joy. Brooke takes it a little further.

  1. Is this serving me? (Does this bring me joy?)

  2. Do I really want it?

  3. Is it current or outdated?

Answer those questions, and if you are keeping the item, put it away where it goes. If you are not keeping the item, say goodbye to it. Thank it for being in your life and let it serve someone else.

Sometimes we get rid of things we like. That’s okay. If it’s not serving you, let it go. Even if it had sentimental value. If it’s sitting in the back of your closet never being used, it is not adding value to your life. 

We spend time on the things we value, so if you are not using it often you can let it go.

So lets say you have this shirt that you love to wear around the house. It’s old, and when you really look at it, it’s actually pretty ratty. But it’s so comfortable! Go through the questions.

Is it serving you? Possibly. If you really get joy from wearing it. But if you’re wearing it because you are too lazy to get dressed, then it might not be serving you. Only you know the answer about your clothes. Be honest with yourself.

Do you really want it? If you really want it, maybe it’s a yes. If you didn’t have it, what would you wear instead?

Is it current or outdated? Clearly, in this case it’s outdated. If you’re not okay with that, let it go. If that is fine with you, keep it.

These questions are to help you decide if you want to keep your items or not. Make it easy on yourself.


One last tip before you get started. Move through this quickly. Do not hem and haw over your items. You want to be strong here. Feel confident that you can do this quickly and efficiently.

Make yourself answer. Do not start a pile of things to decide about later. You can decide and move on right in the moment.

Okay. Let’s get started.

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You can listen to the first part of the blog post here.


category 1: clothing

The first category is clothing, so we are starting with your closet. When you take everything out, instead of making one huge pile, sort your clothing and go through one pile at a time. 








special/specific events


When everything is out of your closet, clean your closet. Do not worry about buying new organizers. The goal here is to declutter first.

When your closet is clean, you are ready to begin asking the questions for each item. Start with the tops and follow the list. Pick up one top and ask the questions.

Is this serving me?

Do I really want it?

Is it current or outdated?

Decide if you are going to keep it or discard it. Put it where it belongs.

Remember to do this quickly.

Okay follow this process through all the categories.

Do not touch your husband’s things. Let him do his own if he wants. 

Do your closet and then do your kids. If you have older kids, do this with them or teach them how to do their own.

category 2: toys

category 3: books

category 4: papers

category 5: miscellaneous 

category 6: sentimental

Follow this process through the following categories. I added a toys category because we are moms. The other categories are from Marie Kondo and she put them in this specific order so that by the time you get to the sentimental things, you are really good at going through your things and discarding what no longer brings you joy.

Okay! If you want to be in on the 5 day challenge be sure to sign up below! We are on Day 2!