How Routines can help manage your emotions


Routines are tasks done automatically. When you do something automatically, you accomplish things without thinking about them. Most of us feel better when we don’t have to think about everything we need to do.

Think about it. If you are sick of the chaotic evenings when the kids get home from school and everyone is talking at once and there’s papers everywhere and planners to sign and the baby is crying and you’re supposed to be getting dinner ready and the laundry is half done and all over the table and you just want to go to bed. The last place you want to be is in this moment.

But what if you created something different? What if you had a routine for the after school time? What if you were prepared for the kids to come home and you were ready to look at the papers and sign the planners? What if you were ready for baby to be awake and you had a plan for dinner and the laundry was done and put away? What if you wanted to be there for your kids? What if you wanted to be the best mom ever and you showed up for them in a way that supports them and you?

You would want to be there in that moment.

You can get there if you have a routine.

All those feelings that come up when you don’t have a plan, when you don’t have a routine, you can eliminate.

start a routine

You can decide how you want your evenings to go, and you can start designing them to go that way.

You have to be realistic though. Your life isn’t going to go from chaotic to organized in one day. You have to start small. Everything great starts small. Remember this. Write out what you want the evening to be like, and then start doing the first thing. And then the second.

Start creating a routine that fits your family. Start taking responsibility for your feelings. 

Pay attention to other areas of your life. When are you feeling overwhelmed? Create a routine for that time. You can totally manage your feelings with routines. It’s all about being intentional. It’s all about being in control of your life.

When you create routines for these areas of your life, you will start showing up as a better version of you.

stop quitting

But you have to stop quitting on yourself. You have to decide that you’re done feeling overwhelmed. What would that feel like? If you decided you were never going to feel overwhelmed again? That’s totally available to you.

You have to decide that no matter what happens, you are strong enough to get through it. Decide that you can feel any emotion and keep going.

Because then when the kids come home and start pulling papers out to show you and you still want to be reading your book, you will have your routine there to remind you how to get back on track.

Instead of wondering where to start because the house is a mess and you have no idea what’s for dinner, just start doing your routine, and things will start feeling more in control.

Create your routines and keep them on index cards where they’re easy to find. Add to them and change them so they fit your lifestyle. You want them to be supportive to you. But you have to create them first.

manage your emotions

And if you do create routines, you can totally use them to manage your emotions.

You can say good-bye to the overwhelm and the chaos.

You will know what to do and when to do it.

You can be ready for the kids because everything else is done.

When you have routines to help you stay on top of your life, you actually want to show up for your life. You feel great because you are organized. When you’re organized all those negative emotions can be eliminated that come from the chaos and overwhelm.

you got this

Creating routines isn’t hard, but it does take time.

If you make the time to create routines, you will have more time in your day, so they're totally worth it.

You got this.

Keep going.