Gluten Free Made Easy


Did you know it can be easy being gluten free? Five years ago I didn’t think it was possible. I remember feeling frantic when my step Mother-in-Law was coming to visit. What was I supposed to serve?! Gluten was in EVERYTHING!

Now, I find it comical that I really felt like there was nothing she could eat.

Now, I wonder what the heck I was eating!


Because now, I eat everything.

Except gluten and corn. And very little chicken. And some other avoid foods.

It’s a funny thing. I totally don’t eat everything but there are so many foods I do eat that it feels like I can eat whatever I want to eat.

And that is the key.

I can eat whatever I want.

I used to want donuts and cinnamon rolls and pasta dishes and dinner rolls and all. the. bread.

Now I eat steak and salmon and beef and turkey and salads and veggies and smoothies and oats and brown rice and quinoa and other seeds and nuts and I love my food.

So when it comes to eating gluten free, do not feel that your food has to be boring. I love to eat. My food isn’t boring.

In fact, I often tell myself that if I’m not moaning over my food, I probably shouldn’t be eating.

I’m kind of rambling a bit, so lets get back to what this is about.

In the beginning it was hard for me to be gluten free because I still desired the donuts and all the bread. Now, I know what it does to my body and my brain and I don’t want it anymore.

If I could take away your desire for certain foods, would you let me?

Because if you didn’t even desire the flour and the sugar, it would be so much easier to say no to it.

That’s when going gluten free is going to be easy.

That’s all the mind work.

There is also the other part of it, the actual food part.

The part where you are checking labels and learning what you can eat that you actually like.

There are probably more gluten free foods than you realize, and even if you are going off flour completely, there are still a lot of foods you can eat.

If you are someone who has been thinking about going gluten free but you don’t know where to start, start NOW.


Here are 5 steps to help you get started.

step one | clean out

The first step is to clean out all the food that has gluten in it out of your house. Have a party. Give it away. Clean out the cupboards. You want to get it out of the house so you are not tempted to eat it.

step two | feel bad

The second step is to plan on feeling like crap while you go through your withdrawals. It is going to suck. It is going to be terrible. You are going to be hangry and shaky and dizzy and irritable and feel sick.

Right now your body has gluten in your system and you have to let your body clean it out and heal. 

step three | why

The third step is to really understand why you are doing this. Why would you go through something so terrible? What is the reason you want to be gluten free? How will your life be different when you are gf? How will it be the same?

For me, I was so tired of always being tired and dizzy. I was tired of feeling bloated and having a belly ache. I was tired of feeling angry for no apparent reason.

I used to always have to carry food with me in my purse in case I got hungry or shaky. Now, I can go hours without eating and not get shaky. 

If I ate something with corn in it I would have to struggle to keep my eyes open. I had no idea it was from the corn. 

I used to wake up in the mornings with swollen hands and feet and achey hips and wonder why I felt like my body was so old.

I wanted to feel light and flexible and limber. I wanted to always feel alive.

Going off wheat and corn has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself.

step four | eat fat

The fourth thing I want you to do is to eat a lot of fat. The fat is what is going to sustain you. Get used to eating a lot of fat with every meal. 

I have 2 tbsp of grass fed butter in my coffee in the morning. I have olive oil on my salad at lunch. I have some form of it with my dinner.

Stop buying the low fat and fat free foods. They usually have more sugar in them. You want the fat so you can eat less. 

Remember your goal here. Ultimately you want to be able to fast for 12+ hours so your body can do what it’s designed to do and burn your calories.

step five | enjoy

The fifth step is to enjoy. If you are trying to be gf and you are hating every minute of it because you are only focusing on what you can’t eat, you are not going to enjoy it. 

If you focus on what you can eat, you will find so many foods that make you feel good and you will start to feel amazing.

You will clean your pallet and you will be able to cook using less spices. 

You will love fueling yourself with food that makes you feel good because your brain will get to that point where it tells you to get up and burn the calories you just consumed (unless you eat too much sugar).

you can do this

If you make going gluten free enjoyable, before you know it, it will be an easy thing for you. 

You will think back on this time one day and laugh like I did. 

And you just might tell yourself that going gluten free is one of the best things you ever did for yourself.

Wouldn’t that be amazing?

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