9 Things to do at Home During Break


Christmas break is here and that means the kids are home all day. One of my favorite things about the school year is how quiet the house is all day. When the kids are home I feel like I need something for them to do all day so they aren't bugging me. It's so easy to just let them go play the computer or the ds, but at the end of the day, that is not what kind of a mom I want to be. So this year, I made a list of things to do with the kids at home during Christmas break.

These are all indoor activities because it's when the kids are inside that I find they need a little boost of entertainment. Besides, we are in Minnesota, and sometimes it's just too cold to send the kids out. 

1. Hot chocolate party

I found some chocolate spoons at a store. I let the kids use them in their hot milk, which was actually vanilla, and not chocolate. The kids were so excited! A hot chocolate party is easy. Just add one little extra something to make it a little more special. And to keep it special, do not add that little something every time you have hot chocolate. It could be a special cup, it doesn't have to be more sugar.

2. gingerbread houses

I like to wait until after Christmas to do this. There are always so many goodies and treats already, it's fine to wait. Mostly, I like to wait because the kits go on sale and I feel better about buying them. I'm not my mom; I'm not making my own gingerbread! 

3. marshmallow games

Since we are taking about sugar, lets add some more. Marshmallows are fun to play with. The kids can make hockey sticks with straws and play with mini marshmallows on the table. They can try walking across the room with a big one on the top of their head. It's fun for little kids to think of new marshmallow games. Guess how many. Make a puzzle. Write your name. Just have fun.

4. Make a snowman

You can swap out the marshmallows for cotton balls and paper. My kids are all still young enough that they find this to be fun. If you don't want to make a snowman, you could use the cotton balls to make any winter picture. It's funny how some kids can't stand to pull apart the cotton balls.

5. Make snowflakes

We didn't have a very white Christmas this year. Making paper snowflakes is a fun activity. This is hard for the little kids to do, but don't worry about them making a snowflake. They will have fun cutting paper. Yes, this is pretty messy, but think about the memories that you are creating. You might not remember what the snowflakes looked like later, but your kids will remember having fun creating things with you. 

6. read a book

If your kids are older and are not interested in these little activities, find a book they are interested in and read it together. It's important to let the child pick the book so they actually read it. You don't have to sit and read together at the same time, but try to keep the same pace. This will give you something to talk about, and if you feel disconnected with your child, this can help bring you together. You will learn about their personality and how they relate to the world through their book choice and your discussions.

7. edible play dough

Play dough is so much fun. It's especially fun when it's kept special. I only have play dough out a couple times a year. Partly because it is pretty messy, and partly because it dries out so fast and I have to make more or buy more. I have this recipe for peanut butter play dough that my kids have been begging me to make. I think now is a good time to make it.


8. s'mores indoors

We did this at thanksgiving and it was so much fun, I think we will do it again. I put the graham crackers on a cookie tray and put the chocolate on top of the graham cracker, and then a marshmallow, and put it in the oven on broil for a bit. If you use the microwave it only takes a few seconds, but I don't like using the microwave. When the chocolate is melted and the marshmallow is puffed up I pull them out and top with the other half of the graham cracker. It's one of my kids' favorite treats.

9. dry ice

We do this at least once a year. My husband gets the dry ice from the grocery store and we have so much fun with it. This is probably our favorite tradition. The next time you are on Pinterest, search 'dry ice experiments' and you will get a taste of how fun it is.

I hope these inspire you to spend time with your kids during break. I know most of the time I seem to be trying to get rid of them, but I love my kids. I want to want to be around them. I want to think that they are the greatest things that ever happened to me. And the more that I spend time with them doing fun things, the more I get to feel those good feelings. Have fun with your kids this year!