DIY Body Butter


Hey everyone! 

I have another quick DIY project for you!

I have always wanted to try making a body butter, so today I finally did it!


1/2 c solid coconut oil

1/2 c shea butter

15 drops of essential oils (approximately)

glass jar


warm the coconut oil and the shea butter in a heavy pan over medium-low heat until melted.

Cool in a glass bowl in the fridge until it is just set but not hard. I did about 25 minutes, but check it often!

Stir in your essential oils. I used Frankincense (uplifting + smoothing), Lavender (relaxing), and Bergamot (cleansing).

Whip the body butter with an electric mixer until firm peaks form, about 10 minutes. Okay, full disclosure here. The recipe I was using said to whip for 10 minutes until firm peaks form. After 10 minutes I still didn’t have firm peaks and I was done standing with the mixer so I quit whipping it.

I really should have taken more pictures to show you what it looked like. It was definitely thick. I couldn’t pour it. Kind of like frosting without the peaks. Okay that’s totally not helpful. I just hoped it would set up more as it sat, and it did.

Transfer body butter to jar (before it sets up!). You can store it at room temperature.

Massage into dry skin as needed!

Okay, a couple more notes. This is pretty greasy, and I don’t like greasy lotion. I know some people do. So, instead of using this on my hands as lotion, I use it on my body as butter. Sorry about the corny jokes today. Not sure what’s up with me.

Anyway, I love this on my skin. It keeps me feeling soft and smooth and not one bit itchy. This is going to be so handy going into the colder months. Especially when it comes to putting it on before those tight leggings and knee socks!