Defining Your Health


Today we are going to talk about defining your health. This is the same process we went through when we defined our roles a while back. When you think about you and your health, think about what it would be like if you believed you were at your best health.

Remember, in the beginning we want to not worry so much about what is actually happening right now. We want to begin with the end in mind and think about what we want to achieve.

If we never take the time to define this, we don’t have a direction to go.

Let’s step back a minute and understand what we are talking about when we say health. I’m talking about all of it.

Physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual.


Your physical health is your body. How to you want to move? What do you want your body to look like? What are you fueling it with?

Get a good idea of this in your head and then ask yourself what you need to do to make that happen.

If your physical body was the way you wanted it to be, what would you be doing.


Then there’s your mental health. I don’t ever remember learning about mental health growing up, but this is one of the most important parts of your life.

I think of your mental health as your mind. What are you thinking about yourself? How are you taking care of your mind? What are you feeding it? What information do you want to be consuming?


Your emotional health is your feelings. Emotions are complex. This is what you are feeling about yourself and it’s what you are feeling about yourself in relation to other people.

So your mental health is what you think about you, and your emotional health is what you feel about you.


You also have your social health. I think of your social health as how you want to show up around other people. How do you want to socialize? How do you want to show up in your relationships? What kind of a person do you want to be around other people?


And the last one here is your spirit. This is not spirit in a religious sense. This is your spirit as intuition. It is your conscience. This is what you value. When you have something you want to do and you feel uncomfortable doing it, chances are, it’s going against what you value.

When you can align with your values and set goals from that place, you will achieve them.

This is when you tune into your gut.

Is this right for me?

You will know.

So your spirit health is knowing how you renew yourself. What are you doing to take care of you? What are you doing to reset yourself? What are you doing to get back to your values?

Some great ideas are to spend time in nature. To be silent. To pray. To spend time thinking. We are actually diving into this next week.


So those are the areas of your health. I want you to give this some thought and I want you to define your health in a way that serves you. 

What I mean is I want you to define it and then I want you to start taking action to live it.

Just because this is a short post do not think it’s not that important.

This could be the best thing you do for yourself.

Define your health and then give yourself 3 or 5 years to get there.

If you try to do too much, you won’t end up doing anything.

But before you start trying to have better health, you need to know what better health looks like for you.

Okay I want to hear from you! Tell me what you like about your health. What do you want to change. Tell me why your health is the way it is. I love hearing from you.