Create a Mini Oasis at Home

Imagine what it would feel like to have a mini oasis in your home. A mini oasis is a place that is visually pleasing for you to look at. When you see it, you feel at peace. There might be chaos around you, and life might feel busy, but having an oasis at home gives you reason to pause. To reflect. To enjoy the little things. Because it's the little things that the big things are made of. Today I will teach you how to know what kind of a mini oasis you want, so you can gather your materials, and put it together. Then you will have at least one area in your home that will give you the feeling of peace.


Step One: Understanding what you want

  1. what makes you feel relaxed
  2. where can you do that
  3. identify space shape + size

When you decide to create a home oasis, you want to first think about what makes you feel calm and at peace. If you just like to see pretty things, that's okay. You can create pretty spaces. If you feel like you actually need to do something in order to feel at peace, such as yoga, meditating, reading, or knitting, then you can create an oasis for doing just that. Knowing what makes you feel at peace will determine where you are going to set up your oasis.

For example, if you feel like you need to do yoga to recenter yourself, you're probably not going to want to create a space for yoga out in the living room. It might be better to have that in a bedroom. If you just want more pretty things in your house, you can decide where seeing them will give you the most joy. Is it going to be at your bedside, so it's the first thing you see when you wake up? Maybe it's in your entry so it's the first thing you see when you come home. Decide where you want your oasis to be.

When you know what makes you feel relaxed and where you want to create your oasis, take note of the space. How big is it? Is it just a shelf? Is it a corner of a room? Is there a window? How is the lighting? Notice all the details about the space as it currently is. Then, you can gather your materials to begin making your mini oasis.

Step two: gathering materials

  1. gather ideas that fit your style + space
  2. color, texture, layer
  3. objects

Even though Pinterest isn't as cool as it used to be a couple years ago before ads and algorithms, I still use it to gather inspiration. If you know your decorating style, you can type that in the search bar with your space shape. For instance, modern farmhouse shelf decor, or minimal bedside table decor. Look for inspiration everywhere around you too, don't limit yourself to Pinterest. Pay attention to set-ups in stores (Target, IKEA) that really speak to you. Start thinking about ways that you can bring that look into your home.

Pay attention to what colors bring you joy. When you are outside and you see beautiful colors, take note. This fall I fell in love with the palest blue sky with the dried-out golden corn. I would have never put blue and tan together, but I absolutely love it. Of course, nature is full of texture and layers, so that definitely helps. We can learn from that. Add texture with paneling, brick, or textiles. Layer your space to add depth and to create interest.

Adding special objects to your space will make it feel, well, special. This is what will make your space feel like a mini oasis. Find your special object that will make you want to keep your space clean so that it continues to feel like an oasis to you. I recently added a small cabinet and shelves in my kitchen area. I love every single object on the shelves. I love the history of some of the items. I love the colors. I love how they all look together. Gather your materials, and then you can put it together.

Step three: Putting it together

  1. how much time do you need
  2. do you have all your materials
  3. put it together in one day

You know what your mini oasis is going to be. You know what materials you need. Now it's time to put it all together. Try to estimate how much time it will take you. You want to be able to put it together in one session.

Before you begin assembling, make sure you have all your materials. This might not seem super important, but if you really want your space to feel like a mini oasis, it will be easier to do so if you can create it from start to finish in one session. If you get half way and think that you will get the rest of your materials the next time you are at Home Goods, then your project will sit unfinished. Go to Home Goods first. This is so important. You want to begin with the end in mind. Before you put it together, you need to really know what it's going to look like. You need to be so sure that it's going to be a mini oasis and that it will give you the feeling of peace.

When you have all your materials and you know how much time it will take you to put it together, look for a time in your day when you can assemble it. Wake early and do it or stay up late and do it. If your kids nap, put it together at nap time. If your house is anything like mine, it's not going to work to try to put it all together with the kids running around. I like to focus on what I'm doing. I like to do it my way, without interruption. Find a time in your day that works for you and put it together.

Keeping it as an oasis

When you have your mini oasis it is so important to keep the clutter away and to love cleaning it. Pay attention and notice when you don't love the space anymore. That's okay. We change and evolve over time.  Stick to the things you love. And when you don't love them, change them out. Move on. Take note that sometimes we think we don't love things when our life is out of balance. If you are having a difficult time liking any space in your home, examine your life to find where you are out of balance.


Having a mini oasis will help you stay in balance, and it will help you relax at the end of your day. It will bring you joy when you come home. I will brighten your mood in the mornings. All these good feelings will inspire you to find more time to be creative. I love how it multiplies. So, tell me, where will your mini oasis be?