Committing to the Inevitable


This week I want to spend more time in the inevitable stage of belief because this is where you will make progress. When you are believing that what you want will happen, you’re not worried about it not happening. You are allowing it to happen, and so it does.

So the question I get asked all the time is how do you stay here. Conceptually you know that if you can get to this place of believing it’s inevitable, you will accomplish your goal.

But remember that you have to believe it’s possible for you. You have to believe that you can do it no matter what. You have to want to do it no matter what.

That desire is what is going to create your commitment.

If you want to stay committed, you need to be serious.

You need to be disciplined and dedicated.

You need to know exactly why it’s so important for you to achieve your goal.

So in today’s post, I’m going to give you a series of questions to help you commit to your goal being inevitable for you.

To get the most out of this post, take the time to answer these questions. Grab a notebook and commit to your goal so it can be inevitable for you. 

Every time we set a goal, we leave our options open. We’re like, this is my goal, but if it doesn’t happen, this is my goal.

So the first step it to become aware that maybe you aren’t fully committed yet. You know you aren’t fully committed if you are leaving your options open.

This is what I call plan A and plan B.

If you want plan A to happen, you need to quit hanging onto plan B as an option. But if plan B is there, you need to figure out why.

What is so appealing about plan B? Chances are, it’s easier. It feels safer. But why?

Use your notebook and answer that. Figure out what emotions you get to avoid if you choose plan B. And not just negative emotions.

What are the good emotions you will be missing out on if you stick with plan B?

Another good exercise is to bring yourself to the place of completion as the person who accomplished plan B. Who do you have to become to accomplish plan B?

Who do you have to become to accomplish plan A?

If you did plan A, what would you have to let go of? Really think about this. Figure out what is so compelling about plan A and what you need to let go of in order to become the person who achieves it.

When you set a goal and you’re believing it’s possible for you, you have to constrain your options so you can get to inevitability. 

You have to know you can do it and then you have to go to work believing you can do it and here’s why. Tell yourself why.

And every time impossibility comes back up and plan B comes back up, you don’t even go there.

It’s not allowed.

You stay in possibility. You believe you can do it. You trust the process.

Every day you renew your belief.

You take so much action that it can’t not happen.

All the sudden you just know it’s going to happen, because it’s happening.

Committing to the inevitable is not a one and done deal.

It takes work.

But when you are committed to doing the work everyday, your goal will become inevitable.

Because then it just becomes math.

You see what worked. You see what didn’t work. You know what you’re going to do differently. You just keep taking action and you accomplish your goal.

You’re not spinning in confusion. You’re not wondering what you should do. You’re not wasting time in mind drama.

You decide what you want. You remove all options except the one. You commit. You go all in. You practice believing every day.

Think about this. If you practiced believing every single day that you could achieve your goal, after 30 days, where would you be?

I’m going to leave you with one last thought.

When you commit to something, you commit until you have it.

You don’t do 30 days and then quit because it didn’t work. What if it took 32 days? What if it took 40? What if it takes 90? or a year?

How committed are you really?

Are you willing to do the work for an entire year to meet your goal? 

The only way to achieve it is to commit to it.

Okay friends.

Do this work! Go get your notebook if you don’t have one and answer these questions. They will help you really commit to your goal so you can stay in that inevitable stage and make your dreams come true.