Commit to Being Healthier


It's the beginning of a new year, 2018. If there is one thing that almost everyone does at the beginning of the year, it's making the choice to be healthier. But here's the thing with making choices.

First, you have the desire to do something. Then, you have the belief that you can do it. Most of us can get that far. Then we just kind of go day by day, waiting for our desire to manifest. 

But, there is a third part that must take place in order for anything to manifest. It is your compelling reason. Brooke Castillo talks about this. Simon Sinek talks about this. You must start with WHY.

Why do you want to be healthier? What happened last year that is compelling you to be healthier this year? Why aren't you already healthy enough? What does 'being healthy' even look like for you?

These are questions that you need to dive into. Pull out your journal, do a thought download. Because you aren't going to be able to change until you understand where you are coming from.

You aren't going to change until you understand what you are up against.

You have to think about failure.

That thing that is going to make you want to cheat.

That thing that's going to make you want to quit.

What are you going to do to overcome those obstacles?

When you understand yourself, you can move forward, with your compelling reason. You can move forward, and when you slip, you will be resilient. You will keep going. 

That is how you get to success.

And for the sake of being healthier, I made a list.

18 ways to be healthier in 2018

  1. lower your sugar intake
  2. increase your green vegetable intake
  3. go gluten-free
  4. move more throughout your day
  5. listen to yourself
  6. say no more often
  7. say yes more often
  8. pay attention to what's working
  9. journal
  10. play
  11. surround yourself with people you admire
  12. learn something new
  13. be curious about what you think you already know
  14. set goals that scare you
  15. show gratitude from a place of abundance
  16. drink more water
  17. be mindful
  18. know that love is always the answer

And there you have it. I could probably write a blog post on each one of those! 

Decide what you want your life to be like, and then my friends, commit to making your life be that way.

I hope everyone has a fabulous 2018!