Great coffee starts with high-quality beans and clean water. It's easy to make and it's been my drink of choice for *several* years now. I remember when I first started drinking coffee. It was flavored Gevallia. I got sucked in with the free coffee maker. I thought that coffee was SO GOOD.

I wonder what I would think of it now, 17 years later.

Coffee is an acquired taste. I still find it weird that some people don't drink it. I suppose Mountain Dew (or any pop) is an acquired taste, too. So glad I never acquired that one!

Coffee is a specialty drink that must be consumed within about 30 minutes of being brewed. Primarily, because you want to drink it while it's hot. You don't want to keep it on a burner because you will, well, burn it.

You also don't want to keep it in stainless steel. It will ruin the flavor! Please don't do this! Only drink your coffee from a porcelain cup or a paper cup. Avoid Styrofoam at all costs!

Before this turns into a post about coffee don'ts, lets get to the how-to.

For this post, we are going to make French Press Coffee.

french press


-High-quality coffee beans

-Burr grinder

-French Press

-Hot water just under boiling

-Spoon to stir


-Cup to enjoy 

Make sure you start with high-quality beans. I like Bulletproof beans (affiliate link). I have a really sensitive palette and I can taste mold in most coffee. Bulletproof is always clean.

The best option for grinding your coffee is a burr grinder. This grinder will crush your beans instead of having a blade that spins and chops them up. The blade gets hot and will heat your coffee before you are ready to brew it. Minor detail, but if you want to make coffee like a pro...

I have a traditional size French Press. I think it's an 8 cup, but in reality it holds about 40 ounces of water to the brim. I did a bit of research on this, and it seems that other country cup sizes are smaller than US.

You want your water to be hot, but not boiling. Remember, you don't want to burn your coffee. I bring my water to a boil, and then I let it sit for a bit.

You need a spoon to stir the coffee before you plunge it. You want to be sure to pop all the air pockets so you don't have a huge mess everywhere when you plunge your coffee. I like to use a wooden spoon so I don't have to worry about breaking the French Press. (True story.)

You need to time how long the coffee sits in the hot water before you plunge it. If you let it sit too long it will go bitter.

And of course, you need a special cup to enjoy your coffee it!



1. Before you grind your coffee, turn your setting to course. Espresso will use a find grind as the water moves through the coffee at high pressure. A French Press will use a course grind because the coffee is going to sit in the water for a time.

2. Make sure you have the right proportions of coffee to water. A good rule of thumb is 2 tablespoons of ground coffee per 6 ounces of water. Decide how much coffee you want to make. For 4 cups of water try 3 tablespoons of ground coffee.

3. Heat your water to just under boiling.

4. Grind your coffee and add it to the French Press.

5. When your water is ready, pour it over your grounds and stir it gently

6. Place the lid on top, but don't plunge it yet.

7. Set your timer for 4 minutes.

8. Get your scones ready. 

9. When your timer is done, gently plunge the grounds to the bottom of the press pot.

10. Pour yourself the most delicious cup of coffee and enjoy.


French Press coffee has a limited flavor time. I think all coffee should be consumed within half an hour or less, but the French Press goes bitter even faster. You might be able to extend your drink time by pouring your coffee into a glass carafe.

I hope this inspires you to make French Press coffee once in a while! I don't use my press pot every day, so when I do, it feels like a treat.

Tell me how you like your coffee!