Be Mindful

What does it mean to be mindful? I want to explore this. Mindfulness. The right mindset. It's huge. Anytime you want to do anything, you must first know everything in your mind. You must have your mind set on doing it. You must know that you can do it. And then you will do it. Mindset is everything.

Why Be Mindful

  1. You become aware of your thoughts and feelings
  2. You can feel better
  3. You can live the way you want to live

Being mindful means to be aware. The first step is always to be mindful, no matter what you are doing. You must first be aware of what is going on in your mind, and acknowledge it, before you can make any changes. This means you must explore the thoughts + feelings that come up when you want to create a new habit or accomplish a goal.

You can feel better by changing your thoughts. This takes practice and a lot of writing, but it really does work. Your thoughts create your feelings.

Simple as that, you can live the way you want to live. Yes, it takes work. Yes, there will still be rough days and uncomfortable feelings and sadness, but we need all of that in order to experience the opposites: smooth days, comfortableness, joy. Put your focus on what you want, not on what you don't want.

How to Be Mindful

  1. Write your thoughts down
  2. Choose to think supportive thoughts
  3. Allow feeling

How do you know what's going on in your mind? You ask. You journal. If you give yourself ten minutes of quiet time to journal, you will feel so much better. Write down what you are thinking. Do not try to change anything yet. Just write.

After you have your thoughts on paper and you can see what is in you mind, ask yourself why you are choosing to think those thoughts. So often we forget that every thought is a choice. We rush through our days not even conscious of what we are actually thinking. If you want to choose your thoughts you must first go inside and see what you are currently thinking, understand why you are thinking those thoughts, and are they supporting you.

Before you change your thoughts you must allow the feeling. Go back to the why. Why am I feeling so ________? Write it down. What does it even feel like to feel ________? Why am I trying to avoid that feeling? What would I rather feel? What can I do to feel that?

When to Be Mindful

  1. Practice mindfulness every day
  2. Practice out loud while driving
  3. When you are experiencing strong emotions

Being mindful is like yoga; it's a practice. There is no end. No one is better than anyone else. You practice being mindful. Know what thoughts are running around in your head. There are thousands of them. Wouldn't it be nice to have control over them? Practice. Journal. Write your thoughts, and pick one to explore.

If you don't make time to write, then talk to yourself in your car when you are driving. Ask yourself what you are feeling. Your brain will tell you. Talk it out.

When you experience strong emotions (anxiety, depression, overwhelmed, short on time), it is super helpful to write about your thoughts + feelings. When you see your thoughts on paper it is easier to start feeling better.

Practice Mindfulness

It takes time to change your thinking. Remember to be nice to yourself. Give yourself time. When we don't allow ourselves to feel a feeling we have to deal with our resistance. If you resist feeling something, it will keep coming back. Feel it. It's important to understand why you are thinking something before you try to change it. Remember the first step is to be mindful. What are you thinking? Why are you choosing to think it? and What feeling (one word) do you get when you think that thought? Explore those questions in your journal. Learn a little about what is going on inside of you. Think about what you want to think about. Be in control of what is in your mind + how your day flows.