Be Creative

Being creative is important to me. I have lists of creative projects that I want to do. I look forward to the time I have each morning to do whatever I want. It's a wonderful way to start the day. Having a set creative time helps me to get through my list and actually do the things. Today I am going to share what it means to be creative, why I be creative, and how you can add creativity in your day.


What is Creative

By definition, creative involves using your imagination or original ideas in the production of artistic work.

  1. It is imagination.
  2. It is personal.
  3. It creates change.

Creativity takes imagination. It doesn't even have to be your own idea, but if you can learn something or see something and it speaks to you, you can take that thing and make it yours and share it. You can change how other people might see the same thing.

Creativity is personal. This is why you can take that thing + change it. You can make it yours. There is only one of you, and the way you create will be unique to you. Everything has probably already been created anyway. Think of the countless paintings of sunsets, yet they are all so individual. Think of the many, many books in one genre, and how each is a different story. Being creative is like that, making it personal + unique.

When we use our imagination and make things personal, we create change. We create a shift in perception. We help people see things in a new way. We help ourselves see things in a new way.

I think each one of us have many different ways to be creative, and that we have different levels of creativity within us. When I think of creativity, I think of it as a state of being. That time you sat down to do something for a few minutes, but when you checked the time you realized you had been sitting for almost an hour, and you were no where near ready to quit and get up. That is how I feel when I am being creative.

Why Be Creative

There are three main reasons why I think it is beneficial to be creative.

  1. It is motivating.
  2. It is interesting.
  3. It is challenging.

It's motivating because it helps me get out of bed in the morning. Being creative is fun. Fun things make boring, everyday things more enjoyable. When I focus on how I am tired of washing the same laundry + cleaning up the same messes everyday, it is hard to want to get out of bed. But, when I have a creative hobby that I am woking on that I find interesting and I want to see it progress, I have this extra motivation that makes me feel like getting out of bed.

It is interesting because it boosts my self confidence and makes it easier to have conversations about things instead of feeling like I have nothing to talk about.  I don't have to talk about me. I can talk about what I'm doing. It's interesting when I am tired of dusting the same things in my living room so I tune into my creativity and swap decor or furniture with other rooms.

It's challenging because it causes me to think more. That whole imagination process of making things personal + sharing them can be very challenging. This is a good thing because it creates growth. It challenges me to search for things that I really like, and then to discover why I like them and how I can add my personality to them.

How to Be Creative

You do this all the time and you probably don't realize it. Maybe you thought of a better ending to a book. Maybe you think that shirt should be sewn this way. Your boots would be just perfect if only the shaft was  2" shorter. If this purse had only one handle and a pocket here...

  1. What are your personal interests?
  2. What are you gifted at?
  3. How can you combine the two and have fun?

This is where it gets really fun because you don't have to paint or write a book or own a business to be creative + make art. As Seth Godin says, "Your art is what you do when no one can tell you exactly how to do it. Your art is the act of taking personal responsibility, challenging the status quo, and changing people." (Seth Godin, Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?)

Your creativity and your art can be the dinner that you have on the table every night. Or maybe it's only one dish that you enjoy making, and everyone raves about it. Think about how it makes you feel when you are creative. What can you do to get more of that feeling? I don't mean to imply that you need other people to make you feel good. This is your own sense of accomplishment. Our gifts come from God, and we want all honor to go to Him.

If you could be really good at something, what would you choose to be good at? Why haven't you developed that skill yet? What is holding you back? If you could spend 30-60 minutes each day developing this skill, what would you need to do first? How can you add creativity into your everyday routine? What can you do to go above and beyond in your roles? These are some questions that will help motivate you to be more creative.