Allowing Your Dreams


I wanted to talk about dreams right along with self care because when you start really taking care of yourself and you start showing up authentically, you’re going to create space in your life.

When you have space in your life, you can think.

This is not a bad thing.

I know some of you don’t want to think.

You just want to dive into something else or continue on with what’s ‘normal’. 

But I want you to take the time to really think about your future.

So much of our life we shut down because we tell ourselves we can’t have what we want.

If you have been following me for a while now, you will know this is a belief I have been working on this year.

The thought, ‘I can’t have what I want’ comes from a feeling of lack. Scarcity. 

What we want to do is to shift from feeling lack to feeling abundance.

We want to feel good about the things we want.

So if being a business owner is something you want, it’s important to allow yourself time to think about it.

You need to clear out the clutter in your brain about it.

Why do you want it?

Is it because you think others will see you differently?

Remember, we can’t control what other people think.

You could start your business and people are still going to think their own thoughts about you.

So the reason you do anything, business or not, should be because you want to do it.

You have to genuinely want to do whatever it is you want to do.

Because here’s the thing.

Our dreams don’t go away.

They come back again and again to nudge us.

Brooke says our dreams are the maps to our destiny, and I love that.

My entire life I’ve had this reoccurring dream where I’m wearing business attire and I’m standing in front of a group of people in a conference room and I have this flip chart.

It’s never been clear what’s on my chart or who exactly I’m talking to.

But it’s a dream I’ve had over and over.

I used to dream about moving to a city and getting a job with details that involved doing that, but I always wondered about the flip chart.

Why not slides or something more modern?

And now I’m like, I can’t wait to buy a flip chart!

So crazy.

But anyway, your dreams don’t necessarily have to happen when you’re sleeping like mine did. What do you want your life to be about?

If you could really do anything, what would you want to be doing?

Even if you were still a mom?

What if it could work out?

So lets say you have this dream and you decide to do something about it but you can’t even get started because you don’t think you will make it.

Maybe you think it’s going to be too hard.

Maybe you think it will never work out.

There’s going to be a million excuses your brain is going to tell you of why you shouldn’t go after your dreams.

But guess what?

That’s what your brain is supposed to do.

This means your brain is working!

So, like Brooke says, here’s your dream and here’s your doubt. What are you going to do about it?

You have to decide to go after your dream no. matter. what.

You have to commit to your dream no. matter. what.

As long as you like your reason, you don’t have to explain your reason to anyone else. 

Let your life be your explanation.

Because you know what?

When you have something that you LOVE that fuels your passion and creates happiness and an amazing life for you, it makes it so much easier to show up and be mom.

You get to take care of you 100% because that’s your job.

And because you are so well taken care of, it’s easier to take care of everyone else because that’s your job, too.

So allow yourself to dream and don’t ever think they don’t matter.