Allow Yourself to Want


Sometimes I don't allow myself to want things I really want. I tell myself I can't have it. That I shouldn't have it. That I'll never get it. I believe I will never get it. This doesn't feel good. It comes from deprivation, from lack.

On the other hand, sometimes I allow myself to want something that I really believe I will get to have. I experience a totally different feeling. I feel EXCITED. And that feels good.

The difference here is 100% in my belief. When I want something I believe I can't have or won't get, I feel bad. When I want something I believe I can and will have, I feel good. 

You get to choose what to believe. Believe you can have what you want because it feels so much better. Allow yourself to want with this simple step of creating a feeling of abundance that I learned from my coach, Brooke Castillo.

Make a list of about 20 things you want in your life. Don't worry about your belief about getting those things just yet. Make your list of 20 wants.

Then I want you to sandwich in things that you already have in your life that you still want. Things like electricity, your hot coffee, your bed. What do you have already in your life that you want? What would you really miss if you didn't have it anymore? Sandwich those things in between your wants.

So now your list would look like want and don't have yet, want and have already, and on and on.

entertain possibilities

When you stop disallowing yourself to want you can put yourself in a state of abundance. You're telling yourself that it is possible, that it's okay to want it. By doing this you can change your belief about what you can have. 

You can live a life without being at the effect of your anxiety. 

You can get to your ideal weight.

You can have plenty of money in the bank account so you never have to worry about bills again.

You have the power.

Allow yourself to want.