7 Reasons to get Dressed Every Day

Years ago, I didn't get dressed every day. And I when I did, it certainly didn’t happen first thing in the morning. I had to have an appointment or I had to be leaving the house for something. I used to let my kids determine what time I would get up. When they would wake up, I would get up. This made life not very fun, but at the time I thought, that's just how life is. I was always super short on time. I always felt like a mess. And any time I had to leave the house it took FOREVER to get ready to go. That made me late a lot, and I hate being late. Something had to change.

It wasn’t until I had kids in school for a couple years that I started getting dressed everyday and really taking care of myself. Getting dressed is something that gives you real results. I want to encourage you to start getting dressed every day, and I want you to be dressed right away in the morning. I know how comfortable it can be to live in yoga pants (or leggings), I’ve been there. But, when you get dressed, you feel so much better. Here are 7 reasons to inspire you to get dressed every day so you can look and feel your best.

1| When you look good you feel good

When you get dressed and you’re wearing an outfit that makes you feel really put together, it naturally makes you feel good. Instead of lounging around on the sofa, you feel like going out and doing something fun. Don’t save this feeling for ladies night. Give yourself the permission to feel it everyday at home. Look good and feel good. Think about an outfit that makes you feel your best. What is it about that outfit that you like so much? How can you wear more things like that?

2| People get to know you

The more often you get dressed, the more you will be able to discover what your personal style is. When you start dressing in your own personal style, others will be able to know a little bit about you before you even start talking. Have you ever looked at someone and thought she looked so cute you wanted to get to know her because you thought she looked like someone you would get along with? These thoughts come from what we see her wearing. What do you want people to see you wearing? How can you show people what you are like?

3| You get more done

If you want to do nothing then by all means, keep the yoga pants on. They are so comfortable and cozy and you can curl up on the sofa all day. But, if you have a list you want to tackle, get dressed. Get dressed and get off the sofa and you can do the things. Remember the Fly Lady? She talks about how wearing shoes makes you want to get up and do your house cleaning. I don’t think it’s just the shoes. It’s getting dressed all the way. It’s feeling good (tip number 1). And don't do it for the housework! Do it for you.

4| People look up to you

This is true. There is a difference in the way people look at you and treat you when you go to the store in your sweats versus when you’re dressed. We treat people differently too. It's part of human nature. Think about who you would ask for directions if you were lost. Someone out in sweats or someone who is dressed? We tend to expect more from those who are dressed because we hold more respect for them.

5| You take better care of yourself

When you wear yoga pants all the time you get used to the comfortable waistband. If you wear something with more structure, you are going to notice your body more. I'm not suggesting that you need to wear jeans everyday or to be uncomfortable. I want you to be comfortable. Be comfortable with your body. Take care of your body. Don't choose clothing because of it's ability to hide what you don't like. Like all of you. It’s the same as how others see you dressed and have respect for you, you will have that respect for yourself when you get dressed every day.

6| You have more time

If you get dressed right away in the morning, you will have more time in your day. If you get invited somewhere or if you decide to run to Target, you don’t have to worry about being late or taking forever to get going because you have to go get dressed (even though it’s lunch time). You’re already ready. All you have to do is grab your bag and go! Think about any appointments you have. Getting ready right away in the morning, regardless of what time the appointment is at, saves so much time.

7| It becomes easy to get dressed

You deserve to look your best and to feel your best. When you are dressed and you happen to glance at your reflection in the mirror or a window, or any reflective surface, you will feel a spark of joy. You will learn to love yourself more and you will have more confidence. You will have more fun as you discover your personal style. You will inspire those around you to get dressed and to take better care of themselves too. And before you know it, you will be wondering why you haven’t always gotten dressed.


Friends, I hope this inspires you. I love getting dressed. I love feeling ready for whatever the day holds. I love feeling good. I want you to feel this way too. Get dressed every day so you can feel your best.