4 Things You Must Do Everyday


I wanted to do a post to sort of boost you into this new lifestyle of being organized. I was thinking about what would need to have to happen EVERYDAY for you to keep going. I wanted to keep it super simple and easy so you would actually do it, so I broke it down to four things.

This is my challenge to you to keep this up for the next 30 days. Let’s stay in touch so I can cheer you along on Instagram using the #TBLeveryday.

1 make your bed

Now, this is something that everyone can do, but most people won’t do. I’m guilty of this myself. I used to make the bed before I went to bed because I can’t stand crawling into an unmade bed.

When I took Shira Gill’s Closet Makeover program last summer, this was a challenge I did for myself. It had surprising results.

For one, it slowed me down right away in the morning. And I mean that in a good way. I know those of you who skip making the bed probably skip it for this exact reason. It takes time. 

But here’s the thing with time. We have to TAKE TIME to get time. Time is a mental construct. Sometimes it goes by slow and sometimes it goes by fast. What I want to suggest is that when we take the time to make the bed, we actually slow time down.

But you have to do it with the right mindset.

I’m not saying you throw up the covers as you are walking out of the room.

I’m saying you do it with love. You love your bed and your sheets and you make your bed look inviting so when it’s time to crawl back in, you appreciate and love it.

But, when you go to do this, you have to watch out for your brain.

I used to think I couldn’t love my bed because it wasn’t my dream bed. I had a vision of how I wanted it to be better than it was.

But if you want to really feel abundant, you HAVE to love what is. You have to love what you already have. 

Loving what you have is the only way for you to align yourself and be open to receiving new.

So I want you to start making your bed everyday and I want you to love it.

2 clean up the kitchen

The second thing I want you to start doing is to clean up the kitchen. I am a morning person so I like to do this at night before I go to bed so it is clean when I wake up. 

If you’re a night owl, consider doing this in the morning.

It doesn’t matter so much when you do it, but that it gets done.

And here’s what I mean when I say clean up the kitchen.

Clear off the counter tops and do the dishes. Wipe down the counter tops and any cabinets, hardware, or appliances that have handprints. Sweep the floor.

Because remember, if you leave one paper there, it’s going to be two and then it’s a pile. Same goes for the one smudge you see on the cupboard door. Clean it quickly so it doesn’t become a big job.

Sweep the floor and if you have a sticky spot, throw down a wipe and clean it up. 

Because I do this before I go to bed, the other thing I do is I get the coffee ready.

I used to get everything ready so all I had to do was flip the switch in the morning. Now I have an espresso machine, so I just make sure it has water and beans and that I’m not going to have to empty the grounds drawer.

I basically am eliminating my excuses for not getting up right away, and a good cup of coffee in a quite house is a big motivator for me.

3 put away the mail

Okay so we talked about this already in yesterday’s post, but I want you to really get into the habit of doing it daily

Figure out what time will work the best for you to get the mail, go through it, and put it away. Do it at the same time everyday.

This is going to create a new pathway in your brain.

Pretty soon you won’t even have to think about it. You brain will automatically register it. For me, I do this at 2:50, right before the kids get home. I put away the mail and then I’m ready to sign their planners.

It always feels so good to get it done right away, before dinner.

4 plan for tomorrow

This is the last one. I want you to start planning for tomorrow. This is super important. If you only do one of these tips, let it be this one.

And you know, you don’t need to have a business to have a plan. 

You can be a stay at home mom and do this.

In fact, I think that is exactly why you should do it.

Especially if you are feeling less than thrilled at every day spent at home with the kids.

When you have a plan and you know exactly what you will be doing all day, it’s much easier to get out bed and do it.

I want you to start with what you are wearing.

Plan your outfit, and then move on to the next part of your day.

If you are wanting to lose weight, plan what you will eat. Actually, plan it anyway. I do, and I’m not trying to lose weight. I just like to know what I’m going to eat.

Because what happens when I don’t have a plan? I eat a granola bar and I drink extra coffee and then I’m snacking because I’m hungry and I end up not getting my work done.

When I plan on cooking a good breakfast, that whole time thing happens again. I slow down. I cook. I eat. I feel sooo good. Time slows and then my brain shifts into work mode.

And when I say work, it’s always the housework before TBL work.

So start with your outfit, your meals, and what you are going to feed your kids.

Then I want you to take it a step further.

Decide when you want nap time to be.

It’s so easy to think this is out of our control, but I want you to know that’s not true.

If you knew you had to have you baby napping at noon, what would you have to do to make that happen?

Because when you know your baby is going to nap, you can have your own time. You can have fun.

And then you plan that. What can you do during the quiet time?

Plan it as though it will work for you.

This is what I do everyday.


I really hope you take the challenge and do these things everyday for 30 days. Make your bed, clean up the kitchen, put away the mail, and plan your day.

Snap a photo and tag me or DM me and let me know how it goes. 

I can help you overcome your excuses so you can start shaping your own life.

Okay, see you on the gram.

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